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Apr 5, 2007 06:40 AM

What is the Best Brunch in Dallas

We went to Craft for Brunch last Sunday. What an affordable way to try a new restaurant. Everything was excellant and the price is much les than lunch or dinner. We had th eggs benedict with crab, and eggs with short rib hash. Drinks however are expensive. A Bloody Mary was $14.00. Does anyone else have a recommendation for Brunch in Dallas. Brunch seems to be a neat way to try new places.

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  1. Ozona on Greenville has the best Bloody Mary bar in the city, hands down. Yum.

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    1. re: sass

      If you like Zing Zang, then Ozona is good for Bloodies, and you have to ask for it, the house stuff is like old V8. . .

      Best brunch in Dallas is Breadwinners by a landslide. Casual/trendy damn good california style menu. it was about $27/person for 5 of us with 2-3 drinks each.

      1. re: kamaking

        Every time I've ever been there, you can choose between zing zang and 5 or 6 other options at the bloody mary bar.

    2. I always enjoyed Breadwinner's sweet breakfast items (love the banana bread french toast), but found that the savory itmes sounded great on the menu but lacked in execution. Blue Mesa has a huge brunch buffet and I found the food on it better than their food from the menu. The Mansion does a great brunch... as does Jasper's. If you need a quick breakfast, I must say that Cafe Brazil makes a nice french toast.

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        I completely agree with everything that adewaal said...I would only add to that "Ziziki's"...great Greek brunch!

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          Ziziki's is excellent for Sunday brunch. It's got all the good dishes and it's well worth the $25 ++ price tag!


      2. La Duni for brunch is great too . . . I like the Oak Lawn (baking studio) location better than the McKinney once. Try the pastry basket, migas (and on a cold morning - the $5 hot chocolate is out of this world).

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          Oh yeah...forgot about La Duni...Great place for brunch...

        2. The brunch at The Gaylord in Grapevine is excellent. I was just there 2 weeks ago. Free bloody marys, too! It is right off LBJ out by DFW.

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            Primo's on McKinney Avenue has the best Mexican brunch in all DFW.

          2. Try the Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave. It opens at 12. I was pleasantly surprised how good the eggs benedict were. Steak and smoked salmon was also an option.