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What is the Best Brunch in Dallas

We went to Craft for Brunch last Sunday. What an affordable way to try a new restaurant. Everything was excellant and the price is much les than lunch or dinner. We had th eggs benedict with crab, and eggs with short rib hash. Drinks however are expensive. A Bloody Mary was $14.00. Does anyone else have a recommendation for Brunch in Dallas. Brunch seems to be a neat way to try new places.

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  1. Ozona on Greenville has the best Bloody Mary bar in the city, hands down. Yum.

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      If you like Zing Zang, then Ozona is good for Bloodies, and you have to ask for it, the house stuff is like old V8. . .

      Best brunch in Dallas is Breadwinners by a landslide. Casual/trendy damn good california style menu. it was about $27/person for 5 of us with 2-3 drinks each.

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        Every time I've ever been there, you can choose between zing zang and 5 or 6 other options at the bloody mary bar.

    2. I always enjoyed Breadwinner's sweet breakfast items (love the banana bread french toast), but found that the savory itmes sounded great on the menu but lacked in execution. Blue Mesa has a huge brunch buffet and I found the food on it better than their food from the menu. The Mansion does a great brunch... as does Jasper's. If you need a quick breakfast, I must say that Cafe Brazil makes a nice french toast.

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        I completely agree with everything that adewaal said...I would only add to that "Ziziki's"...great Greek brunch!

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          Ziziki's is excellent for Sunday brunch. It's got all the good dishes and it's well worth the $25 ++ price tag!


      2. La Duni for brunch is great too . . . I like the Oak Lawn (baking studio) location better than the McKinney once. Try the pastry basket, migas (and on a cold morning - the $5 hot chocolate is out of this world).

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          Oh yeah...forgot about La Duni...Great place for brunch...

        2. The brunch at The Gaylord in Grapevine is excellent. I was just there 2 weeks ago. Free bloody marys, too! It is right off LBJ out by DFW.

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            Primo's on McKinney Avenue has the best Mexican brunch in all DFW.

          2. Try the Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave. It opens at 12. I was pleasantly surprised how good the eggs benedict were. Steak and smoked salmon was also an option.

            1. My boyfriend and I go to brunch just about every Sunday. Blue Mesa is okay, but I don't really like buffets. Ferre has a great pre-fix menu and bottomless mimosas. For a more casual brunch, Garden Cafe in East Dallas serves food they grow fresh in the garden in the back. Other places we like: Breadwinners, Trece, and La Duni. I thought Craft's brunch was overpriced for the quality.

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                New to Dallas - What other restaurants offer bottomless drinks for brunch?

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                  Cosmo Rouge in Bishops Arts does a good breakfast with bottomless mimosas. My glass never got below half full.

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                    Capitol Pub on Henderson has bottomless mimosas. And a good brunch too. Homemade corned beef hash was very tasty. Another fave brunch is Trulucks--great scrambled eggs with seared scallops and dusted with crumbled bacon. I believe they have bottomless mimosas as well.

                2. any places near the north irving to addison area?

                  1. State & Allen have a very nice brunch with $2.00 mimosa's and $2.50 Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers.Last time I was there the menu was around the $8-$11 range for food which is not bad,I love the chicken waffles and the braised short ribs and eggs. The outdoor patio is hard to beat as well.

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                      Mignon in Plano has a good brunch menu, as does the nearby Kathleen's Art Cafe.

                    2. To answer bt 1984's question about bottomless drinks: Me and my group of friends go to Penne Pommodoro in Snyder Plaza prettymuch every single Sunday (with a few exceptions). It is a great Italian brunch cafe in Highland Park, church crowds come in, it's a great atmosphere. Bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis, and Bloody Mary's. The food is affordable, and really very good.
                      Also in General to the Post: Dream Cafe is one of my most favorite places in town for Brunch. It's at the Quadrangle in Uptown. Try and sit outside if you go. No better patio brunch in town. Children playing in the grass, vined canopies, always a good sized crowd. Just good energy all around.

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                        So have you tried the Dream Cafe in Addison? Heard that it was not as good...

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                          I think both are about the same. One is not better then the other.

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                            Dream Cafe ginger pancakes and peanut dressing!


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                            Yeah, the Addison Dream Cafe , not even close! The one at the Quadrangle is way better! The Dream Cafe has been one of my favorite restaurants for many years! However, I probably will only choose the Dallas location!

                        2. Garden Cafe, but only if you don't require cocktails with your brunch.

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                            I didn't know it was possible to have brunch without cocktails!

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                              LOL. A sacrifice to be sure, but at the GC, worth it!

                          2. The Grape on Greenville (recently purchased by its former chef, Brian Luscher) starts serving brunch this Sunday. Yesterday, I saw the menu and it looks like a gustatory treat.

                            1. All Good Cafe rocks with comfort food and $2.50 mimosas
                              Tiauana Grill has a great Mexican buffet...bottomless mimosas
                              Tru Lucks has a great buffet menu...bottomless mimosas
                              Cliff Cafe at the Belmont is a cool Sunday spot.
                              Terillis is the "Godfather" of Sunday brunch spots for the Greenville Ave. hipsters

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                                Trulucks and Terillis are my faves too.

                              2. Chuy's and cafe brazil aren't bad for brunch. for more of a breakfast I like John's and Deli News. Deli News has great bagels and whitefish salad.

                                1. I think everyone on this board should try The Grape's Blueberry Griddle Cakes. Methinks it is the best brunch item in Dallas. Slightly gritty, a touch salty, full of blueberries, real maple syrup and honey-whipped butter.


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                                    I really love the hash at The Grape, and of course the burger is great.

                                    Kamali is great for a non-traditional brunch. Not so crazy about the egg dishes, but all the crab dishes, especially the crab crepes, are wonderful.

                                    Fearings' brunch is pretty good ... and Smoke's is fantastic, but no reservations, so bring your patience.

                                  2. Kitchen 1924 on Abrams in Lakewood. Greatness.

                                    1. We've been to Amados (on Beltline/Montfort in Addison) quite a few times and haven't been disappointed. For $15 you get their buffet which includes breakfast staples as well as enchiladas, fajitas, etc..in addition to bottomless mimosa's. (try the Mango Mimosa) and they also have one of the best bloody mary's i've ever had.

                                      We've also been to Dos Charros on Plano Road/near Beltline in Richardson for their Sunday brunch...it doesn't disappoint. $10 for their chipotle chicken, enchiladas, sopapillas, shrimp, etc. Best time to get there is right around 11:30 before it gets too packed..and it usually does.

                                      1. Love brunch and here is what I have come up with. Mattito's for Mexican brunch with bottomless Mimosas, buffet style. Breadwinners, Eden Cafe (byob), and Kathleen's sky diner.

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                                        1. The best brunch in Dallas is the Malachite at the Hotel Intercontinental at Beltline and the Tollway. The decor is gorgeous and the food is fantastic. It's a treat. I strongly advise against Ziziki's. I went with my dad there for Father's Day last month: all we could think about is that for a couple extra dollars we could have gone to the Malachite.

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                                            Advise against Ziziki's? Maybe you don't like Greek food? Their brunch is the bomb!

                                            1. Henk's Black Forest Bakery
                                              Fillmore Pub
                                              Dream Cafe (both locations) - above posts have pretty much covered what I'd like to say on them

                                              I usually prefer Henk's the most, but Fillmore has started growing on me. Favorite dishes so far are their Irish breakfast and the biscuits with gravy. Mega bonus points for pouring a great pint of Guiness too. The next thing I plan to try there is the Kahlua french toast.

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                                                Oh I didn't know Fillmore did brunch. Great idea. I love that place. I only fear I will go and get the cheese fries again instead of breakfast. Wish me luck.

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                                                  Speaking of the Fillmore. I went there for the first time on St. Pats day as I work in Richardson but live in town. I was pleasantly suprised how good the food was and it was a very cool place with lot of character which you usually don't get in the burbs. And yes, Air, they definately know how to pour a proper Pint.

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                                                    I've been going to brunch here almost every sunday morning over the past few weeks, going down the list and trying something new each time. My favorite dishes so far are the Kahlua French toast and the Irish breakfast. If I go with a big enough group, we also share a plate of biscuits and gravy.

                                                    Don't share the Kahlua French toast, because you're gonna want this all to yourself. The Kahlua adds an interesting change of flavor to the toast and tastes delicious.

                                                    I'm a fan of the Irish breakfast: choose how you want your eggs, pick a meat and an English muffin or toast, then throw in some hash. I prefer the sausage, which tastes very meaty and flavorful. Some gravy makes the bread and the hash even better, so if there isn't some biscuits and gravy to share, I typically order an additional side of gravy.

                                                    Accompany those with a proper pour of Guiness and you'll be set for the day! Brunch is from 10:30 to 2.

                                              2. La Duni, Zizikis, and Parigis are faves.