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Apr 5, 2007 06:11 AM

The Biltmore?

I can't believe I've never heard of "The Biltmore", in the Boston area. Where and what is it? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Biltmore is in Newton Upper Falls. It used to be a dive bar, but is now a more upscale bistro that has a variety of dishes, including much in the way of comfort food (meat loaf, steak tips, burgers, etc.).

    We went last week; I just wrote about it last night in my main blog, actually (the Boston Restaurant Blog), and MC Slim wrote about it awhile ago in the Weekly Dig. Here's a link to his review:

    1. the biltmore is fun - although i'm not sure i would say it's up-scale. maybe family oriented is a better word. cheap eats in a full service environment with lots of kid friendly food - hot dogs and the like. think of it as a neighborhood pub.


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        As far as the type of crowd there, I guess it depends on the night. When we were there, every table was either young couples, groups of businesspeople, or retirees. No families at all. And everyone was drinking martinis but us! (I'm more of a microbrew guy--they have some good ones there, BTW.)

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          They served poutine at Taste of the Nation...I had mine w/out the chicken gravy, but the spiced fries with home made ricotta were pretty good.

        2. It definitely lives up to its "gastropub" billing, a neighborhood place putting rather more effort and care into its menu than the typical pub. Serious bartending, great service, a nice but not too pretty makeover of an 80-year-old dive, a crowd that gives it a comfy feel. I just wish it weren't so far away (the nearest T stop is about a fifteen-minute walk).

          1. Decent but simple food.
            Not much depth to the menu.
            Full of kids.
            Under decorated.
            Overly lit.
            Drinks priced too high for the burbs and the atmosphere. $9.00 martinis anyone?
            Limited beer selection.
            In spite of that I will probably go back.

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              Thanks to all for the response. Happy Easter!

            2. Just wanted to report a pleasant dinner at the Biltmore on Friday evening. I agree with many of the previous comments. Drinks were a bit expensive ($9 for a glass of Cabernet) and the ambience could definitely use an upgrade. But the food was excellent and worth going back for. Chicken under Brick was a bit salty but very tasty and accompanied with a great assortment of spring vegetables. My dining partners had the steak tips and were very pleased. The Biltmore is a nice addition to the Newton pub scene.

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                We tried it this weekend and were very happy. The manager/owner(?) came and sat down to talk to us after dinner, asked how things were etc. I had cod cheeks (reallly delicious) with baked beans and bacon($18). H had a very well prepared clam roll (Essex clams) with crispy fries and cole slaw($14). Ceasar salad was very good (better than the one we had last week at the very upscale 51 Lincoln) and mixed greens were also good. Dessert was goat cheese cheesecake in rhubarb"soup". Loved it but it was not really at all sweet. Nice place, very good and inexpensive food and nice, friendly service.