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Apr 5, 2007 05:10 AM

The best sushi ?

We are a yong norwegian couple, deeply in love with NYC. We travel a lot, and when for pleasure, not business, we pick our destination for it's food and wine. (So France, Italy and NYC is on top of our list.)
We love sushi (and our knowledge of good fish and good food in general is high), so where do we go for the best value sushi?
We haven't been to many Manhattan sushi/japanese restaurants yet. Last year we went to Sushi of Gari, which was good, but perhaps a little to much sauces and stuff for our personal (scandinavian?) taste. We are not thinking of Masa or other extremely expensive omakase menues, our budget for that day won't allow it.. The more restaurant-critics I read, the more confused I get.. (Been reading about: Blue Ribbon Sushi, Geisha, Hedeh, Jewel Bako, Kuruma Zushi, Sushiden, Sushi-Ann, Sushi Zen, Sushi Yasuda..)
Please, can anyone help us out!

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Second that! Yasuda serves more traditional type of sushi (no weird sauce, etc.) which appears to be what you like. Kuruma Zushi is also another great choice for traditional sushi.

    2. +1 on Yasuda as far as fantastic traditional sushi, but it will cost you an arm and a leg.
      For a more affordable (but still not cheap) alternative try Shimizu - but only omakase at the bar. Incidentally that goes for any sushi IMO.
      Enjoy your trip!

      1. If you are not into sauces and crazy renditions of various types of "typical" sushi dishes, I would recommend Sushi Yasuda. They only serve the most fresh and delicious fish and they keep it pure (they don't even have "spicy" sushi dishes)! For a little more adventureous sushi, try Sushi Seki. Good luck!

        1. Ushi Wakamaru (at the counter and request to sit in front of the chef Hideo-san when you make the reservation)'s traditional sushi w/ no "creative sauces" (i dislike Gari)...many specialties flown in from Japan...i usually get a sashimi-sushi only omakase (request this as well, as some people have been served cooked dishes w/ their omakase that they didn't want/expect)...

          you probably love Yasuda too, but it costs a good bit more than Ushi Wakamaru, and Yasuda is not a great place for sasimi...

          sidenote: i spent a couple months in Norway and loved it..reindeer steaks w/ berries and smoked salmon w/ mustard sauce at Theatrekafeen...and the biggest surprise was the fine Chinese food at Dinner...and huge shrimp sandwiches at Cafe Olsen...great country, great people...

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          1. re: Simon

            What do you pay for the omakase at Ushi W?

            I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Norway! You can eat some very good food here if you know where to go! Though, it can be very expencive... Did you go to the west-coast?

            1. re: gladlaks

              i've paid different amounts depending on how much i ate (and drank)...i'd say you can have an excellent meal there for about 80/person...but i've paid as little 60 and as much as 130/person one time when we had encores of several pieces we particularly enjoyed...i particularly love their raw baby shrimp sushi, their madae (Japanese red snapper) w/ salt, and, when it's in season, the hamo (pike eel)...

              re: Norway, i never made it to the west coast, just Oslo and central Norway (Ryukan i think)...

          2. Sushi Yasuda is what you're looking for. Omakase, at a little over a hundred dollars, is not expensive by today's Manhattan standards, but if it's pricy for you, check out their lunch prices - a bargain.

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            1. re: Wilfrid

              I can't seem to find a meny on the internet that shows their lunch-prices.. Can you give me a hint? The lunch-prices at Kuruma Zushi looked good.