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Apr 5, 2007 05:07 AM

Sushi Ran. Need Advice.

I'm from Toronto and I'll be in San Francisco next weekend. Our friends made a reservation at Sushi Ran on Sat night. We LOVE great Japanese (we have some amazing places in TO) so we asked our friends to make a reservation at the BEST sushi place in the Bay area.

I did a search and saw the tons of posts on this place but nothing really recent.

A couple of questions:

My friend said it is expensive. How expensive is expensive???

Is there anything on the menu that cannot be missed?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Sushi Ran is simply one of the best restaurants around. Fine sushi, yes, but beyond that simply a terrific cuisine. As for what cannot be missed, Chef Scott has specials daily and they will be great. Owner Yoshi frequently stops by tables and he or any server will be able to discuss specials or recommend any particularly exceptional sushi that day. Cost of meal depends on what you drink--good sake and wine selections--and how costly the specific sushi you order. If you do not order the highest end sushi and beverage, it need not be that expensive. But, if you can, go for the good stuff. It will be worth it.

    1. Expensive as in $150 for a dinner for two (if you have expensive taste in wine). But it is fabulous food. Lush. Exquisite. Delicious. I think they have great oysters with a little wasabi roe on the side. And the monkfish liver (if you're brave) is amazing.

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        You can't go wrong-the food is great.

      2. Expensive meaning dinner for two with just one sake drink and it was over $100 and my husband was still hungry. The lobster dumplings were a disappointment, but all the sushi was great. I'd say since you're there, stick to sushi and the specials and it will be worth the visit...but be prepared to spend!

        1. I went with a party of 4, and I think it was about $100-150 per person, including sake. It was some of the most delicious food though.

          I loved the Wagyu (sp?) beef. and the small crabs. everything was good, though.

          1. i agree with everyone's posting... expensive it is... but if i'm not mistaken i think it made it in the michelin guide.. if not, my mistake, i apologize. i agree that for 2 of us we spent over $100.00. it was more like a small plate type of japanese restaurant. i think of it as create gourmet sushi =) i like the beef carpaccio-like dish... delish =) we were actuallyl gonna go again for his birthday soon, but we're gonna have to plan another time to drive up there =)

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              Thanks for the advice. We'll stick to the plan. Sounds like its going to be a great meal.