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Luka's Oakland

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I understand luka's is now serving Brunch on Sunday, Anybody try it? The Menu is not on their website. What are they serving.

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  1. Here's a link to my post bout it 2 weeks ago. I was pleased with it and there was practically no one there. I'm sure it won't stay that way for long so get there while you can!

    Here's another post from a local blogger about it as well:


    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      Morton the Mousse

      Luka's has Hoegaarden on tap; a Belgian wheat beer that is perfect with brunch.

      1. I would not waste my time nor energy at that place. The staff is extremely RUDE and so not worth going there. Try the new place in Oakland called Tamarindo.

        1. I love Luka's! I haven't had brunch, but have eaten lunch there many times. The food is creative and excellent. Wonderfully creative soups and salads. A favorite is the chioggia beet salad with goat cheese and toasted walnuts. They do a flavorful mussel dish, with differently seasoned broths. Great fries, with three dipping sauces, served as they do in Paris. Some sandwich favorites are the catfish and the beet and fennel. Right now, if you sit by the window, you can watch the cranes and workers building new condos across the street.

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              Thanks for the suggestion for brunch. It is a nice departure from the other cafes without ambience. Great music, good mimosa, good food... a bit of a wait but I think the kitchen was slammed with a private event.

          1. The food's really good. Mostly Frenchy, but also an excellent hamburger.

            I've never had rude service.

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              I needed a quick dinner last night before a meeting in the East Bay, and had a burger at the bar...(along with a few of the $1 oysters which were from BC and quite tasty). Asked for the burger medium rare, and it came on the rare side of medium rare, which is how I would have ordered it if I had remembered they don't flinch at pink meat. I was in and out of there in under an hour (though I would have felt comfortable lingering had time allowed)...I love Luka's!

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                The food is great and there's not much in the neighborhood so I go quite a bit. Love the burgers, fries, mac & cheese and, of course, Monday night oyster special. The staff could use some work though. It's not that I find them rude, just often distracted and forgetful. I've sat at the bar more than a few times wishing the bartender would come over for my order.

              2. I love Luka's. I've been to their brunch and it's excellent. It's sort of a Southern brunch. Also make a mean bloody mary and the grits are great.

                Also, I've been there a million times and I've NEVER had rude service.

                1. They must be Chowhounds because there is a brunch menu on the website now.

                  1. The Brunch is great. Old southern style with grits and the works. Biscuts and gravy were amazing.

                    1. I couldn't find the post from a few weeks ago trashing Luka's, so thought I'd tack onto this one.

                      Luka's was good, not great, perfect for what we had in mind, I'd go back.

                      The previous post complained that perhaps Luka's is slipping, and I can't comment - my first time - but I certainly didn't find anything "great".

                      I went last Saturday before a show at 21 Grand. The beer selection is heavily weighted toward the Belgians, but the table was mostly drinking the Racer 5, which perhaps could have been fresher.

                      The place was packed, and the tables were close together. The host/hostess was a bit in disarray, and vectored us to one table, then changed their mind, then changed back, which didn't bother me. Wait service was slow simply because they were packed on a Saturday, and the kitchen was crisp - we did get in and out in an hour. The place itself was 100% clean (especially for oakland). The party at the next table seemed to spend all their time listening to our table, which I found unsettling, but that's life.

                      We had burgers all around, and I found them sub-standard. The patties weren't hand formed, and I'd be surprised if the meat was fresh. Too thin, lacked taste. My med-rare turned out med-well, I suspect because we had a med-well at the table and the chef messed up. We shared around the mussels and a fried crab thing, both of which were good but not killer.

                      In the area, I'm still more likely to hit one of the many good korean joints, but for a beer and burger, Luka's hit the spot - although the new temescal posts to the north (lanesplitter, etc) provide competition for this trade - it's at most a 10 minute drive.

                      I'd also strongly consider Cato's, which might have better burgers and has substantially better beer, although the place crowds up early and gets very loud.

                      Based on the mussels, I doubt a more complicated dish would be advised.

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                        I had a burger at Luka's last month and as on previous occasions it was rare as ordered. Delicious, as were the fries, salad, and Hoegaarten on tap.

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                          as have been mine, medium rare to rare depending on my mood, and always as ordered or a bit rarer than ordered, which is great with me. (most recently had a burger there about a month ago. )OTOH, I have *not* been impressed by the burgers at Cato's, where at least in my experience you can't get a truly rare burger. I could see Cato's having the edge (based on price) for those who like a burger that is well-done.

                          Hard to compare the two service wise since Cato's doesn't have true table service (you order at the counter and it is brought to your table; for beer you must order seperately at the bar).

                          and ditto on the Hoegaarten.

                      2. Cato's is a much better choice. I doubt I'll ever give Luka's another $10 for a burger since my first one was really dry but I could go for a Cato's one right about now. Cato's focus on beer is also a big plus but I don't think they have hard liquor which is a big deal for some people.