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Apr 5, 2007 04:44 AM

Maoz Vegetarian

Has anyone gone to the Maoz near Union Sq.? I've been to them in Amsterdam and was pretty excited to see one was opened here. I remember the one in Amsterdam had a good selection of pickled vegetables to add to your sandwich. Anything like that at this location? It's a bit of trek for me to get there, but on the next nice day I hope l can venture by.

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  1. yes... same pickled veggie and sauce fixings bar. not bad. only downsides are: 1) only really seating for 2 people in the entire place and falafel's too messy to by walking food (though on a nice day, union square provides plenty of seating options)... 2) seemed to be staffed by space cadets...

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      I agree. We went tonight, and I really preferred Maoz's falafel to Rainbow's. I found the falafel balls crispy and delicious, not too heavy. I tried a number of items from the salad bar and they were all delicious. However, I found the store itself just infuriating. The staff were totally inept, the tiny, angled layout makes it difficult to accommodate those waiting in line, those waiting in line and those at the fixins bar. I had a grand time once I stepped out side to eat the wonderful thing, but man!

    2. I've been twice! I absolutely love it for a quick snack. I went once during lunch "rush" hour and the line was out the door, but I returned two days later, in the afternoon, and found no line at all.

      I love the fixings bar. I will post my photo...

      I also appreciate any chance to play with my food to get it right. I adore that green cilantro sauce, the tomato/onion salad, roasted cauliflower and a couple dill cucumbers. The hummus is a bit bland, but the falafel are light and fluffy.

      Just posting this makes me want to grab one after work today.

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        I first had Maoz in Barcelona last summer, and then again in Madrid in March. I was very pleased to learn that a location had opened up in the nyc (the only other location in the US besides Philly...a Boston store is in the works I was told). On the topic of those pickled veggies, the little purple things confounded the hell out of me. Finally I made one of my more fluent friends ask the gal behind the counter in Madrid what they were. Turns out they are pickled eggplant dyed with beet juice. Huh. Damned tasty.

      2. For those of you who like your falafel with a "fixin's bar," there's also a place on Houston in that little strip of restaurants on the same block as Katz's. I can't remember the name, and I've only been once, but liked the falafel itself and the fixin's as well.

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        1. As the weather was so beautiful today, I stopped by Maoz and got some take-out to eat in Union Square Park. I have to say that I was really disappointed by the falafel. I ordered the regular while DH ordered the one with the humus and eggplant. There was one tiny piece of eggplant in his.

          The falafel nuggets were spiced OK, but too heavy. The servers also did a poor job of distributing the lettuce with the falafel. When I took a bite, I would either get a bite of just lettuce or just a bite of falafel -- never both. The salad bar is a nifty idea, but because you add them to the top, the first third of the sandwich is pita and salad.

          I prefer Olympic Pita over Maoz because the servers embed the salad fixins in the sandwich. You get a bit of veggies and falafel in every bite. The falafel balls are also lighter than Maoz. They also give you a container in which you can fill up with all the fixins. I think there's an Olympic Pita opening up in the Union Square area, around 12th Street and Univeristy Place. Just saw the sign today. However, in the Union Square area, I prefer Chickpea for overall taste.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            i had a very disappointing experience at maoz as well. leaden felafel and terrible pita. great news about a possible olympic opening!

          2. ate at maoz in barcelona. was not impressed. the union square area has the fabulous rainbow falafel, a much tastier option.