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Apr 5, 2007 04:24 AM

Sullivan Street Bakery on 47th

I have never been there and am planning to go there this weekend. I understand they sell great pizza. My question is: can you sit down and eat there or is it strictly take-out? Do they sell anything other than breads/pizza such as salads and soups? Thank you!

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  1. They have a little bit of counter space where you can sit, but there are only 4 or 5 seats. Not sure about the salads/soups, but in addition to pizza I remember having some tasty sandwiches and also an interesting take on apple pie.

    I recommend the tomato slice; it's my favorite!

    1. No, it's strictly a bakery, not a cafe. Nothing but breads, a few sweets, and the pizzas. Be aware, though, that these are NOT American-style pizzas.
      The "pizza" they make are very thin, rectangular flatbreads with various toppings--tomato sauce, shredded zucchini, thinly sliced potatoes, or chopped mushrooms, to name the ones I remember. No cheese involved. They are served at room temperature. And yes, they are oily, delicious heaven.

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        been there several times. it is exactly as both dixieday2 and kanger described.
        you gotta try the pizza, even the pizza bianca is great (plain dough with oil and rosemary).

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          actually the zucchini one does have some cheese

        2. If the weather is nice, there is a park across the street with benches. Last time I went I bought my pizza and ate it there and just watched all the kids play in the playground.

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            that's exactly what i was going to suggest.

            don't let the fact that it's not a cafe deter you; the pizza (especially that zucchini pizza) is delicious and it's definitely worth a visit. plus, you can get some great bread to take home. enjoy!

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              just buy a sesame loaf and eat that for lunch! it's my favorite bread in the city or at least on the short list..

          2. Have the pizzas changed at all since the split with the Sullivan Street location? I remember stopping by 47th street some time back and being told (much to my alarm) that "everything was under review" including the pizzas...

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              no change. although the filone loaves are not as consistent as they used to be. I buy filone loaves in a store near where I live. I have noticed the crust often is not dark enough and when that happens the interior is more coarse and less moist/fluffy. You can tell easily by the size of the air bubbles inside. If you see a lot of uniformly small bubbles it is not done right. if you see bubbles of all sizes, especially some really huge ones, then the texture is almost always perfect.