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Apr 5, 2007 02:59 AM

Chops Lobster Bar or Abe and Louie's Boca Raton

How would you compare Chops Lobster Bar against Abe and Louie's, or for that matter any other restaurant of this genre in the Boca area...?

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  1. Interesting you should ask. We went to Chops for the 1st time last night. We had a 6 p.m. res and showed at 5:30 or so to have a drink at the bar. Atmosphere at the bar okay but not as nice as A&L. We carried dregs of our drinks to the table and were never asked if we wanted a refill or any other kind of beverage (they did serve water). My one friend and I would have had another drink but when we were never approached decided not to bother. I had a small filet which was very good. The only side I was interested in was the home fries with onions (onions must have been scarce 'cause friend asked me where they were lol!). I prefer A & L's as they steak was equally good in both places but their sides have more choice and are better - at least the home fries! A& L has onion strings to die for but nothing to offer at Chops. I know these things are nit-picky but if I'm going to spend that money I want to really enjoy the whole experience. JMHO, Linda

    1. I actually go to Steak Restaurants all the time and I can tell you the food at Chops is on another level. I have nothing bad to say abot Abe and louies but Chops is in another catagory. Everything is homemade at Chops which I really appreciate...incl the lobster bisc and desserts. Being spoiled with the steaks i usually get in Chicago, Chops actuallt age their steaks longer than most restaurant in the area. I would agree the service is not where it should be, but being open only a couple weeks should continue to improve....check it out!!

      1. Chops...Quantity not Quality...?
        I haven't been to Abe and Louie's yet, but I would like to comment on Chop's anyway! My experience there was sub-par. A 7:45 weekday reservation got us seated at 8:30. The bar was completely insane, wall-to-wall bodies, horrid live band (playing what can only be described as Barnum-and-Bailey/Lido deck music) and it was hot in there! Nothing like sitting under bad down-lighting while dripping romantic! Getting a drink was no easy task, and we also carried(!) our dregs to the table. Service was decent once we were seated, and--what seemed to be--the the cast of The Sopranos (all around us) made for good people-watching. But the food was...ya know, whatever. I got the 4-lb. lobster, but it was just pretty 'bland.' I've definitely had better. And the server just sort of dropped it off with some tools. The manager actually came over when he saw the puzzled look on my face and proceeded to make the lobster eatable (he was quite talented actually!). Tried some of my friend's monstrous steak (prime rib, I think) and again I The sides (spinach and asparagus) were huge (again) but mostly tasty. The wine was decent, and the dessert (creme brulee) was good. Overall, for the price, and for the wait, and for the ambience (I mean, you have to hang out in the bathroom to cool off and hear some Sinatra!), I'd prefer Ruth's Chris. I'm not a big Morton's fan. And I look forward to trying out Abe and Louie's.

        1. I've not been to Chops, but I think Abe & Louie's is the BEST steakhouse in the area! Based on what I just read about Chops, I think I'll stick with Abe's!

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