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Apr 5, 2007 12:48 AM

Specials that are served only to groups?

Searching for a delicacy you can only get as a group. I'm considering the whole pork butt at Momofuko Ssam ($180 and serves 6-8 people) but I'm just not sure Momofuko Ssam is a good place for a group to linger in. Anything else like that (any kind of food, same price range and group size)? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. The whole hog at Daisy May BBQ. You will probably need 20 people to finish that. BYOB as well.

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      We easily finished a half hog (highly recommended) and a rack of lamb (not recommended) at Daisy May BBQ with 8 people... But more to the point, the cutting board the pig arrives on is basically three seats long, so anyone beyond that has to keep reaching over to get food, and given that you're eating with latex gloves and not much else that can get pretty annoying. If you do it, I would try to keep it to 6 people if you can.