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Apr 4, 2007 11:50 PM

Have Pizza? Will Travel...

I've got a limited amount of time left in LA and was hoping to hit the last few spots for good pizza. I'll drive an hour from Hollywood if it's worth it. Here's the ones I've hit off the top of my head:

My Top 4:
Village Pizzeria

The Rest:
Casa Bianca
Frankie & Johnnie’s
Z Pizza
Wildflour Boston Pizza
North End Pizza
Earth, Wind & Flour
Taste of Chicago
Numero Uno’s
Stone Fire
Greenwich Village Pizza
Manhattan Pizzeria
The Slice

After reading through the boards, these seem to be the top contenders:
The Coop
Joe Peep’s

Any more recommendations or thoughts?

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  1. You have Stone Fire on your list. Have you tried Pit Fire Pizza? If not that might be a good choice. The original one is in North Hollywood and there is another one downtown LA that has been getting some good reports here.

    The other place you should consider is Antica Pizzeria in Marina Del Rey. It is the only pizza in town that is actually certified (blessed?) as true Verace Pizza Napoletana by a professional organization in Italy after they went through some training to learn how to make this style of pizza just like in the Old Country.

    1. Have you had it at the Rainbow Room? I thought they did a great job, altho I don't think the mushrooms were fresh. Being from Boston, I'm curious what North End and Wild Flour Pizza were like.

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        North End and Wild Flour were okay, nothing special for me. But then again, I've never been to Boston.

      2. Scardinos, Hacienda Heights, take out or eat in nearbu park

        Zelos, Pasadena/San Marino

        Dinos Burbank, supposed to be good, never been

        Petrillos, Valley Blvd 2 blocks east of San Gabriel blvd.
        I love their pizza, not thick, or thin, in the middle, great toppings and great cold

        Nicky D's Silver Lake for the clam pizza, eat it there

        You should do a pizza blog, have you kept notes on all these places

        1. Carmine's! You can get either thin or regular crust. Get it cooked well done (I always order my pizzas, fries and onion rings this way). Really, really good pizza!! I have only been to the South Pas location. They serve my favorite pizza.

          Also, I second the rec for Zelo for cornmeal crust pizza with a variety of "different" toppings (see Dommy!'s post of last week for the write-ups - linked below). Definitely get the corn pizza!!

          Also, on the way to "my taqueria" last night, I noticed that Village Pizzaria will be opening a new location (their Pasadena location closed) in that hideous new building that was built on the south-east corner of Orange Grove and Los Robles.

          1. Quite a list there...some winners and some clunkers as well. Of the 3 you have listed, definitiely make a stop at Petrillo's. Zelo is another good suggestions. I would suggest the stuffed crust at Tony's Little Italy in Placentia (under an hour if you don't do rush hour!), and although I haven't been there in 10+ years I remember Little Tony's in NoHo as being good.

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              Really great stuff form everybody. Thanks