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Apr 4, 2007 11:18 PM

Lamb heart and kidneys

I came home from the store with lamb hearts today! Any suggestions on how to cook them? Web research suggests that they can be sliced and grilled or sautéed rather than braising as one would for beef heart.

I contemplated the lamb kidneys too. Standard beef kidneys are too strong for my taste, but I love rabbit kidneys. Would lamb kidneys be as delicate as rabbit kidneys are? Maybe I'll just have to take a chance some day.

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  1. Lamb kidneys are often broiled as well, but can be sauteed with madeira or with white wine and mushrooms. Cut kidneys in two lengthwise, remove membrane, cut each half in two diagonally. Season. Sautee rapidly in a bit of butter. Don't let them stew or they will harden. In a sauce pan, reduce wine, add some demi-glace, espagnole, or veal souce; reduce to half; thicken w/ mix of one tbsp each of butter and flour.

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      MMM, lamb or veal kidneys on toast! I clean them up, slice into little rounds, dust with some seasoned flour, and saute fast in butter, with some minced shallots. Deglaze the pan with some dry vermouth. The little bit of flour will make the drippings saucey. Put the lightly cooked kidneys back in the pan to coat with "sauce", and turn out onto toast. Sprinkle with some finely chopped parsley.

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        Mmm, sounds yummy. Tell me, how do you think the flavor of lamb kidneys compares to rabbit kidneys? I assume lamb kidneys are milder than beef kidneys.

      2. If you have the Joy of Cooking, they actually talk about using the guts, with recipes.

        Another good source is Marcella Hazan.

        1. Lamb kidneys are not as delicate as rabbit kidneys. I've never tried the French-ish preparations above, but am partial to Lancashire Hotpot which I've been meaning to make all winter. A very traditional use for lamb offal.

          1. I worked in a London restaurant where we would use Ox heart and, after cleaning, slice into 1/4" slices and marinate over night. i think we used a simple balsamic marinade. We would then grill them and serve them simply with bread. Never had lamb kidneys but lamb tongues braised in duck fat was one of my most memorable things. Lamb tongue confit is AWESOME!!!

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              Really! I keep looking at the lamb tongues at the market and imagining something exotic and wonderful could be made with them. Now I have an idea. Maybe some variation on one of Paula Wolfert's recipes. Or maybe you could supply directions?

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                Lamb tongues are indeed awesome. I have terrific braised versions at both Babbo (I think it is in the cookbook) and Jeanty at Jack's in SF. Yum.

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                  Ansill does crispy fried lamb's tongues. I don't know if they braise them first and then fry them, though.

              2. I've ordered a whole lamb from a local organic farm and will be getting it next week. I asked that the kidney and sweetbreads be included. Wouldn't the kidneys work for steak and kidney pie? Or are only beef kidneys used in such a dish?