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Apr 4, 2007 10:14 PM

Anything BESIDES ham/lamb for Easter dinner??

My family is NOT into ham or lamb in the LEAST. I am absolutely stymied on what entree to serve Sunday night, and everywhere I turn, it's ham and lamb recipes. PLEASE HELP! I am completely at a loss. Thank you.

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  1. Geez, the options are endless. What DO they like? :-)

    1. Roast chicken with lemon and garlic. Grilled asparagus or broccoli. Garlic mashed or roasted new potatoes.

      1. We're having turkey!
        Seriously, anything for a crowd is great. There are no rules that say you must stick to ham and lamb. Make something you'd all like.

        1. i made cornish game hens one easter.

          1. how about poached salmon with all of the aromatics (leeks, fresh thyme, garlic, a little olive oil) served with little spinach pies and roasted potatoes and maybe a cherry tomato salad or (much more in season) marinated artichokes?

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              Yum! excellent suggestions. LOVE your website Faye. thanks so much. Same deal in our house: my turn to cook and no-one into ham or lamb. Our "chef" son (in college) made a delicious dinner last year, but it was Rabbit and some of our guests didn't appreciate the irony. Won't do that again...