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Anything BESIDES ham/lamb for Easter dinner??

My family is NOT into ham or lamb in the LEAST. I am absolutely stymied on what entree to serve Sunday night, and everywhere I turn, it's ham and lamb recipes. PLEASE HELP! I am completely at a loss. Thank you.

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  1. Geez, the options are endless. What DO they like? :-)

    1. Roast chicken with lemon and garlic. Grilled asparagus or broccoli. Garlic mashed or roasted new potatoes.

      1. We're having turkey!
        Seriously, anything for a crowd is great. There are no rules that say you must stick to ham and lamb. Make something you'd all like.

        1. i made cornish game hens one easter.

          1. how about poached salmon with all of the aromatics (leeks, fresh thyme, garlic, a little olive oil) served with little spinach pies and roasted potatoes and maybe a cherry tomato salad or (much more in season) marinated artichokes? fayefood.com

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              Yum! excellent suggestions. LOVE your website Faye. thanks so much. Same deal in our house: my turn to cook and no-one into ham or lamb. Our "chef" son (in college) made a delicious dinner last year, but it was Rabbit and some of our guests didn't appreciate the irony. Won't do that again...

            2. Roasted Filet of Beef!! That's what we're having..No turkey, ham, lamb for us..Mmm can't wait. There you go!!

              1. I always think salmon seems very spring-like. And asparagus.

                1. What about roasted quails? I suppose it depends on how many you're cooking for though.

                  1. I'll be doing Easter with the in laws and there will be a ton of people. We are having 4 lasagnas, each different from each other. There will be a veggie one, one made with a bechamel, a meat one and I am unsure of the 4th kind...

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                      Seafood lasagne! Silver Palate has an excellent one that is delicious. I believe it called for Pernod, and that can be expensive. But sure is a nice addition to your cooking pantry.

                      I changed the recipe though that calls for clams or mussels, and used I prawns, salmon and scallops and made the entire dish with a creamy bechamel sauce. Did not make it with the tomatoes because I didn't think the Pernod belonged with the tomatoes, anyhow and it was extremely yummy.
                      I think I wrote down my changes, I can look if you want it...

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                        Hilarious!! (But could be very traumatizing if there are children around!)

                      2. I would kill to have ham or lamb on Easter. Every year, my mother insists on making a lasagna and meatballs and she's getting older so things aren't exactly as well-executed as they once were. Not exactly the spring-welcoming dinner I'd like to have, but it's an idea for you, as it's easy and you can make it ahead.

                        I'm so jealous of everyone else's dinners. =(

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                          Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib). Yum.

                        2. Matzoh ball soup and a Passover menu?

                          1. Maybe old fashioned, but a great quiche along with a good deviled crab, and a wonderful salad with some yummy croissants or rolls and a huge coconut cake usually pleases all...

                            1. The Chowpup is once again descending with attendant vegetarian friends, so no meat at all for us this Easter. I'm planning to make a rice pilaf with assorted roasted veggies from the farmers' market, and various side from "Arabesque," the April cookbook-of-the-month. I'm actually looking forward to doing something different.

                              1. Easter, shmeaster, celebrate the real holiday that's happening this Sunday--the return of the Sopranos!! Go Italian!!! I know that's not specific, but every family has their italian favorites

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                                    We are going just that -- veal osso bucco, polenta with fontina and herbs, broccolini and berries with mascarpone for desert.

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                                    Return? I thought the Sopranos were done forever? That would be a very big deal around here if there's a return! WOW!
                                    But see, this isn't off-topic. I'm making something very Italian: lamb. ;-) Wait, that's not the help the OP wanted at all...

                                    ... Since Amandine seems to be looking for a meat main course, my best suggestion would be a "fresh ham" - the same cut of pork, but roasted instead of smoked (or smoked and roasted).

                                    I also think the suggestions of turkey, fish & veggie mains are excellent, especially if her (his?) dinner party isn't made up of the enthusiastic pork eaters my family is. They're all seasonal, appropriate, delicious, goes w/seasonal and appropriate veggie sides. Beef, not so much. I think veal would be okay, but I don't do veal. Also not mentioned, but very suitable: suckling pig or goat.

                                    I *lurrrve* the OP's follow-up, cioppino. I think that's a great festive dish and I'd be thrilled to have it for a special holiday dinner!

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                                      Today, I prepared a pork picnic roast which was well received. It was accompanied by potato salad, glazed carrots, a plate of fresh relish (carrots, celery, and radishes), croissants, and apple buttermilk custard pie - with sweet tea to drink.

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                                      I'm making beef brisket with a rosemary/garlic paste, roast chicken with stuffing, mac & cheese, scalloped potatoes and roasted asparagus drizzled with kosher salt & olive oil.

                                      For dessert: bourbon pecan pie, key lime pie.

                                    2. Roast duck! Or even just duck breasts. With some nice roasted new potatoes and spring veggies such as asparagus and sugar snap peas.

                                      1. My mom is doing a pork loin roast.

                                        1. thanks for all your suggestions, everyone! all the things you mentioned are definitely things we like... but unfortunately things that we have A LOT (chicken & salmon). So what did I finally think up? CIOPPINO! (so i guess val55 and i were thinking along the same lines....) Cioppino with swordfish & cod, mussels, clams, and shrimp with good fettucini dressed with a little garlic olive oil and thick slices of toasted rustic bread. Yum!