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Apr 4, 2007 09:42 PM

serving late/all day breakfast in OC

This brekkie fan has Friday off (who knew some companies celebrate Good Friday?!). After a morning jog and home stuff, I'm looking forward to a well-deserved meal around 11/11:30.

Tustin/Irvine/Newport Beach preferred ~ surrounding cities are fine. Holes-in-the-wall welcome. Worst case, I'll just mosey over to Caffe Panini by SNA for a bite. Just thought chowhounds might have a rec to offer. Oh did I mention I'm trying to avoid meat? But don't let that stop you from sugggesting something fabulous. I'll bend the rules for something worthwhile.

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  1. Ramos House San Juan Capistrano
    Harbor House Sunset Beach and Dana Point

    1. Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesaa is a brekkie dream.

      So is Plums, also in CM.

      My brekkie guilty pleasure is Earl's Home Cooking in Orange, on Tustin Ave.

      How about Zinc Cafe in CdM?

      1. I second the rec for Side Street. Also, the Omelette Parlor in Costa Mesa and Wilma's on Balboa Island would both fill your needs.

        1. Pop's in Santa Ana, a fixture since the '30's.

          This is a hole in the wall in which you sit on the sidewalk and can get a barber cut next door, but it is Americana all of the way.

          1. Great suggestions!

            My all-time fave is Plums.
            I think Omelette Parlor is pretty cool.
            Side street is great ~ just read an article about their cinnamon buns....might need to conduct quality control over there!
            It's been AGES since I've been to Zinc.
            Earl's & Pop's sound very promising.

            Time to Google. Thanks so much.