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Apr 4, 2007 09:38 PM

what's in long island ice tea


about twenty years ago, I went in red lobster empty stomach, order a ice tea, the waiter asked me if I want a long island ice tea, I assumed it was some fancy tea from long island, so I said yes. and I got my drink before the food, and it taste really good , I finished in no time, helfway through the meal, I felt sick, drove home without knowing I was drunk, staying up the whole night in the bath room, didn't find out I was wasted until the next day.

does anybody know what's in it to make me drunk so quickely, never had it again, but I remenber taste quite good

  1. One of the strongest drinks out there. It consists of all the clear cheap well/rail liquors (vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec), sours mix, and coke or pepsi. Another take on it is a Blue Motorcycle, which replaces the triple sec with blue curacao and the coke/pepsi with 7up/Sprite.

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    1. re: mojoeater

      In my world, triple sec isn't' necessarily part of the equation.

      Thank you, mojoeater, for telling me what a Blue Motorcycle is; I know someone who drinks them occasionally, but none of my cocktail books or internet drink go-to sites would tell me what it was. And, of course, it would be too uncool to ask the guy what's in his drink . . .

      1. re: guilty

        I'm pretty sure a green dinosaur is the same with melon instead of blue curacao/triple sec. And a long beach tea is cranberry instead of pepsi, right?

      1. You had a drink TWENTY years ago and are still wondering what's in it?

        Here's a recipe:
        1 part vodka
        1 part tequila
        1 part rum
        1 part gin
        1 part triple sec
        1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
        1 splash Coca-Cola®

        Mix it. Shake it. Drink it.

        It's nothing at all fancy -- just a vehicle for getting extremely drunk quickly. I haven't had one since I was about 15.

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        1. re: oolah

          a hangover for sure!!! I LOVE this drink.

          1. re: oolah

            I felt like a idiot after I found out it was alcohol, and it's not some fancy tea from long island. I was only in the U.S. for 1 year back tham, trying to learn everything , and learn the hard way

            1. re: monkfanatic

              in my neck of the woods "some fancy tea from long island" would be if grey goose and patron were used instead of bar vodka and tequilla.

            2. re: oolah

              that's texas tea.
              long island has rum, vodka, gin, 3sec, splash of coke. no need to shake, because the alkie frat boy you are serving is watching closely as the coke syrup settles thru all that booze and if he's satisfied that the drink will get him or his date drunk faster, he might tip you a folding dollar, not just the coins. if you find yourself at a place that has long islands premixed and on tap, well, then, there you are :)

              some time in the 90's the hip frat boys started ordering long beaches instead (same recipe, omit coke, replace with cranberry, garnish with lime instead of lemon). wow, you doofuses with the red liver bombs are *sooooooo* much more sophisticated than when you were holding light brown drinks. now let's see who can slam it the fastest, now let's get a round of dead nazis, woohoo!. . . yeah, sometimes i so *don't* miss my old job.

              1. re: oolah

                Contrary to popular belief, there is no tequila in a Long Island iced tea. When you add tequila that makes it an electric iced tea.

              2. It still makes me chuckle to think about how I saw a pitcher of this made in SC before they reformed their liquor laws:

                Open as many mini bottles as you can hold between two hands. Upend into pitcher of ice. Do something else while they drain. Top with Coke and serve.

                1. A Long Island Iced tea has:

                  1 part white rum
                  1 part gin
                  1 part vodka
                  1 part triple sec
                  splash of sour mix
                  splash of coke (enough to give the color of iced tea)

                  Varioations include:

                  Texas Tea (add 1 part clear tequila)
                  Electric Lemonade (replace coke with Sprite/7UP)

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                  1. re: Hoosierland

                    electric lemondae isnt that

                    either vodka rum gin or bourban or im sure a million diferent liqours
                    Sweet & sour Blue Curcuao and sprite.

                    its normally a single liquor drink or sometimes it has triple sec