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Apr 4, 2007 09:08 PM

Conch in Freeport

A trip last fall to Freeport and Lucaya resulted in some pretty miserable food, mostly my fault for not venturing off the beaten path. One unexpected bright spot was a conch shack on the beack, behind the Our Lucaya hotel. Billy Joe's is the name of the joint, and they do a mean conch salad, cracking the shell, chopping the critter, slicing veg and serving it up right in front of you. The grilled and fried versions are also tasty. Worth a try. They have a Web page as well:

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  1. I was there in Feb. My wife had a conference at the Our Lacaya resort. All the food was made by the resort and looked better than it tasted. While she was in class I ventured to this little shack. Couldn't remember the name, thanks. Best cracked conch ever. Tender and sweet, like eating lobster. Too bad I found this place the day before we left. I could have eaten there every day.

    EDITED: The place I ate at was next to the Sheraton but not associated with the Starwood resort since further research indicates that Bill Joe's is part of the Starwood resort restaurants. It was a little blue shack with mostly locals sitting at the bar and wood tables and a grill made from a drum sitting next to it. Again the conch here was excellent and cheap.