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Apr 4, 2007 08:35 PM

Hanoi, Vietnam (and area) April 13-19

I am fortunate to know some people who are from Hanoi, so I have received many food recommendations. Even though I do trust their judgment, I want to run this list by my fellow Chowhounders to see how it stacks up. What should I omit? Are there any gems that I am missing? Also, if you are in town at the same time, maybe you'd like to join me for a meal? Thank you in advance for your advice.


1. Sầm Sơn seafood restaurant, 77 Dốc Bác Cổ, HaNoi, Vietnam

II. Another one: good at fish, chicken, snails:
1. Phương Nguyên: 51-53 Tô Ngọc Vân. Tel: 823 9948.
Ask for grilled chicken, "xôi trắng" with garlic

III. A good buffet <recommended>

1. "Sen"<Lotus> Restaurant, near "Hồ Tây" (West Lake or "Tây" lake). On the way to Ho Tay water park. Ask the taxi driver where's "Sen" buffet restaurant, he should know.
price: shoud be under 10 USD, a wide variety of food including some Vietnamese traditional food. (There are also some western food such as Spaghetti).

Number 14, Chả Cá Street, Hà Nội
Or you can ask any taxi driver where is Chả Cã Lã Vọng Restaurant.
Patricia Schultz put this restaurant in "1000 Places to See Before You Die".

IV. Others:
1. Làng Ngói: 27 Ngọc Khánh. Tel: 772 3188
a very nice & unique restaurant with red-titled costages. Good cocktail and fresh Icecream soup.

11. Akataiyou (Japanese): 18 Phan Chu Trinh. Tel: 936 1148.

12. Seo Ha Garden (Korean): 6/42 Liễu Giai. tel: 762 7900.

13. Mother's Pride (Malaysian): 6C Phan Chu Trinh. Tel: 826 2168.

14. Tex-Mex (Mexican): P112, K1, Giảng Võ. Tel: 851 4479.

15. San Hô (Seafood): 58 Lý Thường Kiệt. TEl: 934 9184.

16. Sinh Châu (Singaporean): 75 Lý Thường Kiệt. Tel: 942 4629.

17. Lotus (Thai): Melia Hotel, 44B Lý Thường Kiệt. Tel: 934 3343.

18. Paris Deli Hanoi: 6 Phan Chu Trinh. Tel: 934 5269.
19. Mama Rosa (Italian): 6 Lê Thái Tổ. tel: 825 8057.

20. Indian Restaurant (Indian): 41B Lý Thái Tổ. Tel: 824 1166.

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  1. lucky you....Hanoi's a great city.

    I'm a street food kind of girl, so, despite having been to Hanoi three times, the only restaurant I know on your list is Cha Ca. It's actually touristy, but locals go there too, and it's definitely as much for the experience of boiling oil as it is for the cha ca fish.

    I don't know where you are from, or how long you'll be in Hanoi, but the local food there is so wonderful, that I probably wouldn't spend too much time seeking out Tex-Mex, Italian, or most of the other cuisines you have listed....but, that's just a matter of personal preference, of course.

    If you're game, I could try to explain how to get to the little on-the-street pho ga stand that serves the best bowl of noodles soup in all of SE Asia, one of the most satisfying meals ever, and all for a mere 60 cents!

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    1. re: baltoellen

      Thank you Ellen (I'm assuming that's your name)

      I am game! I'd love good recs on street food. I have heard it's better than most of the food they serve in the restaurants. I would really appreciate it if you could explain the locations of your favorites. Thank you, Thank you!

      1. re: janedoe67

        Ok...this will be difficult because I'm a bit directionally impared. If you find "Silk Street" which I think is called Hang Bo in Vietnamese, in the Ancient Quarter....walk across the street from all the silk & tourist shops (there's a crazy intersection, and a big building in the middle with a Highland coffee sign) and continue to almost the end of the block.

        The best noodles soup ever is right near several silver jewerly shops, and right before a little market. Across the street, there's an old woman selling sticky rice in banana leaves (you may want to try that too!).

        To make things easier, I took a (bad) photo (which may be attached!). You could always ask at your hotel where it is exaclty.....

        And, while I've deemed this the 'best,' it's fun (and inexpensive) to try to find good street food yourself. You probably know this, but look for the crowds, and boiling water!

        And, yes, good name is Ellen!