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Apr 4, 2007 08:34 PM

white bean recipes?

I just cooked up a *huge* pot and I would like a variety of ideas to use them up.

Tonight I served them -- deliciously-- with some roasted garlic, fresh parsley, good white balsamic and olive oil. I'm also planning to make bruschetta with some more roasted garlic and maybe sundried tomatos, but I know I'll still have a bunch left.

I'd like to do something creative with these in a tortilla - ideas? with some fresh tomatos?

Baked with ricotta?

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  1. You could make white bean burrltos with spinach, cheese, or mushrooms. Then freeze them and microwave when your ready to eat....or use them in a salad, I do this with pinto beans, cabbage, cilanrto, tomato, olive, avocado, salsa, and chicken, or leave the chicken out.

    1. White beans go exceptionally well with cumin. Add some garlic and cilantro, pulled or grilled chicken, and you've got an excellent burrito/enchilada/whatever. If you're not into chicken, skip it and add jack cheese. Mmmm.

      1. This is a staple for me. I cook it often, it is very easy, it is hearty, it freezes well, and people love it.


        1 package of great northern white beans
        olive oil
        1/2 pound chopped (or sliced) mushrooms
        1 pound smoked sausage (I use turkey sausage), sliced
        3 cloves garlic, minced
        1 onion, chopped
        chicken broth
        fresh sage and rosemary (lots)
        salt and pepper

        - Soak beans overnight in CHICKEN BROTH
        - drain and rinse. Cover by at least 1/2 inch again with chicken broth and start to boil.
        - In the meantime, Saute sliced sausage, onion and garlic in skillet. Cook over medium high heat until sausage is browned. Pour into pot with beans.
        - Bring it all to a boil, then turn heat down to simmer. As it simmers, skim the froth off the top.
        - Grind at least 5 leaves of sage to a paste in a mortar and pestle. (You can also chop it finely) Add sage and lots of fresh rosemary to the pot. Simmer all afternoon, stirring and tasting. Use as much salt, pepper, garlic, sage and rosemary as desired. After an hour, add the sliced mushrooms.
        - Cook to desired consistency. Some like more of a stew. I like to have a little more broth than that, to serve beans in bowl with crusty bread for dipping. You can always add more broth and seasoning if need be.

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          I like your recipe, the addition of mushrooms, great idea!

          1. re: chef chicklet

            Glad you like, the mushrooms cook down really nice and add a rustic taste and look. Hotoynoodle's idea about adding greens is wonderful.

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              I am wondering is there a brand of white beans preferred to another? I often buy them but have noticed that some get creamier than others, and wondered about the brand? I always cook the beans in a crockpot alll day, after a good soak the night before. Not really a problem just this texture thing and I wish I had remembered to note the brand of the beans. But they were also smaller than normal.

        2. I like these in a salad with canned albacore, red fresh peppers, a little olive oil and lemon, and onion. Really moistens the dish.

          There are also soups, but you might need to adapt them to already-cooked beans. I like white bean and fennel.

          1. I love to have them with chorizo sausage. Roughly chop the sausage, saute in a good-sized pot to render fat, remove sausage. Use fat to saute onions and garlic, maybe a chopped carrot. Add thyme and some paprika if you like. Add some cubed potato and stock or water to cover. Simmer until potatoes are about 3/4 done, then add beans (assuming beans are already cooked). When potatoes are soft and falling apart, add the chorizo back to the pot, heat through, and then serve with some nice crusty bread, or by itself. Goes well with some hearty greens.