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Apr 4, 2007 08:33 PM

Parents are visiting in a couple weeks and recs?

They like fine dining, along with hole in the wall type places...Any good pubs would be welcome. I'd love to give them some ideas, since neither are chowhounds.

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  1. The list is so long and varied. My suggestion would be to peruse some of the websites that describe London restaurants and pubs. would be a good start - or search through previous suggestions offered here over the past months. Is there any particular type of food your parents enjoy... seafood etc.? The Grenadier seems popular with tourists and locals - very traditional and a good feel for the British experience.

    1. There are some good new places they might enjoy. Scott's in Mayfair, a sexy revamp of the classic fish restaurant, is pretty cool. The wine bar at Fortnums 1707 is great. Petersham Cafe near Richmond Park is wonderful if they want a lunch out of central London. Galvin in Baker Street is a smart bustling French-inspired bistro. There's a new small Italian called Trenta near Marble Arch. Haven't been yet but it was glowingly reviewed by Terry Durack of the Independent on Sunday last week

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        Thanks alot, guys, I will pass these recs. along!

      2. Galvins - yes; maybe St Alban, the new King/Bernstein opening; Locanda Locatelli for superb (pricey) Italian; Nicole's in Bond Street for a shopping lunch; Chez Bruce

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          Not as pricey as Locatelli. But good Italian from another celebrity chef.