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Apr 4, 2007 08:30 PM

Palm Springs shopoholics...where to eat?

A ladies weekend (to say 'girl's' weekend would be a stretch)... Cabazon for the morning and then a late lunch, but where to eat after we shop till we drop? Looking to eat lunch after shopping and will meet the few non-shoppers somewhere by Cabazon before we continue on to Palm Springs. I have searched the posts and except for date shakes and crazy tacos, there is no mention of a casual to semi-nice place for us to sit down and eat . Mix of women in our mid-40s ... some are foodies and some think Micky D's is just fine. Also, when we hit Palm Desert, where should we eat for lunch/dinner during the weekend that would please such a variety of eaters? Thanks never have let me down
! CD

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  1. Besides fast food places in the outlet and Crazy Coyote there is almost nothing in Cabazon. About the only full service restaurant would be in the Morongo Casino. There are three restaurants at the Casino, the penthouse restaurant Cielo; Serrano, a 24-hour cafe, and the Potrero Canyon Buffet. Cielo is the best but may only be open for dinner.

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      How is the Potrero Buffet and do you know the name of the 24-hour cafe and if it serves good food? This lunch is the start of the trip and we are meeting folks as close to the outlets as possible to join up and head out. Thanks!

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        The Portrero Buffet is pretty good (except I don't care for most of their desserts which is just as well). But they have crazy deals with their affinity card. I would check the website first to make sure you aren't there on one of those days when the gamblers with points on the card pay something like $7 and everyone else pays $29. Also watch out for the posted lunch hours, they actually stop seating 30 minutes before the end time.

    2. i was just in pam desert two weekends ago. in palm springs we had great meals at johannes, cosmopolitan cuisine with an austrian influence and also copley's, which is located at carey grant's old estate, very homey comfort food with a wonderful patio. either would be nice for lunch or dinner. in palm desert, we went to sullivan's steakhouse. a lot of fun, jazz trio in the bar, but very crowded and noisy. great chow though. there is also, bin crosby's that just opened up a couple of months ago. enjoy!

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        Are these places (Copley's or Johannes) far from Cabazon? Posts on here have given Johannes good ratings but wonder how far from Cabazon it is...also is it a casual place? Also, do you think reservations are required for Sullivan's Steakhouse? Does anyone know the name of Bing's place as we have some movie buffs in the crowd. :) Thanks!

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          copley's & johannes are both right in the heart of palm springs. johannes was casual and they have a little outdoor patio. and yes, reservations are a good thing at sullivan's. and bing's place is actually called bing crosby's.