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Apr 4, 2007 08:02 PM

Outdoor Grill Help

We are in the beginning stages of designing an outdoor kitchen and was wondering if anyone had found a built-in gas grill they love. We want our grill to be 36 inches, fueled with natural gas and cost around $2500-3000 (less $$ is great too if the quality is good). Also has anyone had a Weber Kettle built-in to an outdoor kitchen? If yes, what did you think of it versus the traditional stand? We live in the midwest and will use the grills year-round but obviously not as much as if we lived in a more temperant climate.

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  1. I bought a Vermont Casting gas grill, 5 burners, 20,000 btus, 600 sq inches of cooking space, rotisserie burner, and a external burner. LOVE it! They also have a model that can be used as a built in.