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Apr 4, 2007 07:58 PM

Where to find the best Greek Easter Food in T.O.?

1. Tsoureki - a beautiful, doughy, Greek egg-bread, eaten year-round but especially at Easter.

The typical Danforth bakeries I've gone to don't get it right - quite often it's tough and tasteless. Any other suggestions?

2. Overall Easter lunch/dinner.

I've been to Avli a few times and they do have a special Easter menu, from red Easter eggs to magieritsa and kokoretsi - almost feels like home minus the roasting lamb outside. Any other suggestions? What about places open on the day (Sunday, April 8?)


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  1. You liked Avli?? Haven't been there for Easter but tried their regular menu and wasn't impressed...maybe it was what we ordered. Mezes is my fav on the Danforth...not sure if they are open for Easter but serve great food in comparison what is out there. New one opened on Yonge near Davisville called Ikaros it looks nice might be open...I haven't been though. Bakeries? Truth is nothing compared to moms or Greece. Donlands Bakery and Serano are the best of them. Kali anastasi!1

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    1. re: cynthiasmith

      Second Serano for Tsoureki...but it still doesn't come close to homemade. I'll be buying my Tsoureki there because I don't have time to make it this year.

      Avli's food has really slipped lately. It used to be one of my favourites. I was really disappointed with my lunch that I had there about 2 weeks ago. It was the worst avgolemono I can remember ordering. It just felt like they weren't making an effort.

      Pantheon is my favourite for homestyle Greek food on the Danforth, but I haven't tried their lamb.

      Second the idea of finding out whether Ikaros is having an Easter menu. They have only been open a few months, so they might be still putting in a full effort to attract new clientele. They had a full house when I walked past the restaurant last Thursday.

      Zorba's also serves kokkoretsi.

      1. re: phoenikia

        Yeah ....i had the avolomono soup at Avli as well as some appetizers and the Lamb shank with orzo....honestly it was awful!!! I couldn't believe it and especially for the prices I expected way better. Avyolemo soup at Pantheon is my favorite I wish I new how they made it, it is nothing like all the others!! As well as the Fish there...Pantheon and Mezes are the only ones I go to...i wish Pantheon would renovate though.

        1. re: cynthiasmith

          Yes, the seafood is great at Pantheon, even if the decor is a little cheesy. I really like most of the warm and cold mezedes at Mezes.

          I try to order certain things at each of the restaurants on the Danforth- most of them seem to have a strength in a few dishes, and several very weak dishes.
          Messini has a good horiatiki, Kalyvia had great spanakopita when I was there about a week ago, Kokkino has good kopanitsi, etc.

          Ended up buying Paska bread at Leslie's on Leslie, since I won't have time to drive to Serano today.

      2. re: cynthiasmith

        Thanks for this thread, I am going to stop in at Serano on my way home to try this yummy-sounding bread.

        Wait I just realized it's not Easter yet for you? Will they have the bread? Guess I'll find out!

        1. re: julesrules

          Greek Easter and Roman Catholic/Protestant Easter are on the same day this year...happens approximately every 4 years....Serano should have the bread today. They might be closed tomorrow...

            1. re: phoenikia

              So I went to Serano, smelled great in there and Tsoureki everywhere. My loaf was still ever so slightly warm and had great texture (I dug into it right away...)

              I was a little surprised at the price tag of $8 but noticed at IGA later than even their smaller not so fresh version was $6.99. DH, baby and I love the bread. So do you think it would be the Mahlepi that I taste in Serano's version?

              1. re: julesrules

                I think it probably would be the Mahlepi, but it could also be the Mastic, or the combination of the two. Some versions also use a little anise.

                Happy you are enjoying it.

                My $4.50 Loaf of Paska from Leslie's turned out to be pretty good, too!