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Apr 4, 2007 07:48 PM

any good eats east

I live in Guildwood Parkway....east beaches Kingston and Markham,,,,,,,,,does anyone know of ANY decent restaurants within a 20 minute drive....we've been starving here!

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  1. I think Pomegranate would fit that driving limit. Not a 100% as I've been to Pomegranate, but not Kingston and Markham. Pomegranate is pretty east beaches though, so I think it would work. I've only been there for brunch, which was great. I've heard other people have enjoyed their dinner too.

    1. Zen at Brimley & Eglinton for good sushi.

      The unfortunately named Krispy Roll on Warden south of Eglinton. Excellent Vietnamese if you get them to un-Anglo your dishes

      Michelangelo's on Gerrard near Woodbine, old-fashioned Italian fare

      Relish on Danforth east of Woodbine, well-priced tapas that won't leave you hungry or broke