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Apr 4, 2007 07:26 PM

Celebration spot

Megu or Nobu? and Balthazar or Bouley?

Which is the best out of all?

Need a superb place for a celebration.

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  1. why those? only those? They are not very similar. What was the criterion you used?

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Im open to other options, those were just a few that were mentioned.

      1. re: TheWinechick

        What kind of celebration? I don't like Megu, way to expensive for what you get. Nobu is hard to get into and the one time I was there is was very noisy and the celebs got all the attention. Balthazar is fun for a birthday with friends but Bouley is more suitable for a quiet, romantic anniversery dinner.

        1. re: ClydeChef

          A quiet romantic birthday celebration. Was looking for one of the top Asian places, just not Masa.

    2. "A superb place for a celebration" are exactly the words I often use to describe Eleven Madison Park. Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is exquisite, the wine list is excellent, the staff provides cordial, professional service, and the space is gorgeous!

      Also on my "places to celebrate" list is Veritas. Delicious New American cuisine; one of the most extraordinary wine lists in the city; friendly, efficient service; and a small dining room with elegant minimalist decor.

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      1. I totally agree with the other comments, especially about Bouley. I would add to your list of candidates CRU with an eye to their spectacular tasing menu and, in spite of the Times review, the Four Seasons--the room alone is almost, repeat almost, worth it.

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        1. re: Upperwestsider

          How about Asiate? Want to try someplace new that we have never been.

          1. re: TheWinechick

            Only went once and it was spectacular--food, service and, of course, the view.

        2. If you are looking for "quiet romantic birthday celebration", then Bouley is definitely the top pick. A close second is Eleven Madison Park as suggested by RGR. In fact I like the food better at EMP, but in terms of romantic Bouley has a slight edge IMO.

          Definitely no Megu or Nobu (not romantic), and not Balthazar (not quiet).

          Asiate is good if you are looking for Asian Fusion option, but in terms of food I think Bouley and EMP are better