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Apr 4, 2007 07:03 PM

What to do with Tuna packed in veg oil?

My husband inadverently purchased four cans of tuna packed in vegtable oil instead of water. Anyone have any ideas what I could do with it?


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  1. Just drain it well (you can put it in a strainer and rinse it, if you feel that's necessary) and use it as you would the water pack.

    1. Make an authentic salade nicoise, which calls for oil-packed tuna.

      A friend and I sometimes make a kind of scaled down version we found a recipe for a few years ago: Boiled or steamed potatoes, sliced. Steamed string beans. Oil-packed tuna. And a very light vinaigrette with mustard seeds.


      Funny, it's never occurred to me to use oil-packed for basic old American tuna salad. But for the above, definitely oil-packed.

      1. Eat it, and enjoy the good flavor that oil gives tuna. Water packing ruins tuna, in my opinion. Emancipate all water packed tuna!

        1. drain some oil off, and stir fry it with day old rice, kimchi + it's juice, and add a fried egg on top afterwards - yolk must be runny.

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            Dran the Tuna
            Boil 6 or 7 large peeled potatoes with about a cup of italian parsley, and salt. Drain, the water off when fork tender. Mix in the Tuna flaked 3 cans, salt pepper and garlic powder,med red onion chopped, and red wine vinegar and top with fresh parsely. serve warm or cold, with red wine vinegar.

          2. Mix its rich goodness with cooked white beans, roasted red pepper strips, black olives, and cucumber, then stir into freshly cooked pasta (or use to top salad leaves, if you prefer). I share bundtcake's view of water packed tuna - those fish died in vain.

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              wow - that is a GREAT idea. Thanks so much!