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Apr 4, 2007 06:29 PM

Amy's Baking Company-Scottsdale

Noticed a new restaurant about to open in Scottsdale (Scottsdale and Shea area) Same plaza as Pita Jungle/ Shea 14 theaters

Named "Amy's Baking Company"

Looks to be a traditional Trattoria/ coffee shop/Bakery
Looks cute!

Anyone know anything?

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    1. I've actually stopped by Amy's on two occasions, and both times they were closed due to maintenance issues with the building. I spoke with the owner, and she was visibly frustrated. I hope they can get up and running, since it looks like a great little spot.


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      1. re: barry

        It does look cute.....we went to the movies yesterday we were looking for an early dinner....ABC was closed.
        We will definitely try again!

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        1. Just wanted to bump this topic.

          I've noticed this place a couple of times when it wasn't yet open and was excited to try it. Went back to check out a menu and possibly eat, but it was during the period of maintenance issues. Haven't been back since, but I check out their online menu and it sounds pretty interesting, and looks like it might be a successful and unique addition to the area

          However, I also noticed on the menu that it may have the potential of being slightly overpriced. I obviously haven't seen or tasted the food, but I personally would hope for exceptional quality if charging $13-$15 for a sandwich.

          Has anyone else tried this place? Thoughts?

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          1. re: crsin

            I stopped in last week after grabbing some to-go hummus from Pita Jungle. I got a couple cupcakes, a couple chocolate croissants, a cannoli, and a sticky bun. While good, the cupcakes and sticky bun were horribly dry. The flavors were there, but there was no moisture. The chocolate croissants were really good. The cannoli tasted like a cannoli. I'm not a huge fan of them, but decided to give this one a try.
            As for the maintenance issues, she said they'd had some sewer line issues or something along those lines.

            1. re: Firenza00

              what's with dry cupcakes???????? maybe it's just the arizona summer but that just seems like the ultimate cupcake sin to me. same situation lately with tammie coe's at lgo. very sad.

          2. The original comment has been removed