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Favorite restaurants in CT

What are some of your personal favorite restaurants in CT?

Some of mine would be...

Tenderloin Fish and Steakhouse in Branford
Restaurant Bricco and Grant's in West Hartford
and Central Steakhouse in New Haven

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  1. Max Downtown or Cavey's and...Mulberry St Pizza in Manchester (take out only)...

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      i don't know this mulberry st pizza.. i've seen you post about it before but am a bit skeptical as i consider myself really picky on pie. i like new haven style and most classic nyc places (grimaldi, difara, etc). but despise greek and chicago styles. explain the pie there to me, if you dont mind :-)

    2. La Cupola in Litchfield
      Cantina Sforza in Westport
      Terra in Canton
      Simmer in Canton
      Piccolo Arancio in Farmington
      Cuginos in Farmington
      Taste of India in Avon

      1. Lorenzo's Ristorante Italiano - West Haven
        Taipan - Westport
        Tolli's pizza - East Haven
        Darbar India - Branford
        Bill's Seafood - Westbrook

        1. HayDay Market Cafes at various spots in Southeastern CT... and definitely go to the adjacent markets!

          Also, several restaurants on Greenwich Ave. in Greenwich, led by the Northern Italian place on the right a block or so down the hill from the Post Road.

          1. i am located in MA, right on the border of CT & NY so im only familiar with your north west corner. i love pastorale in lakeville and also restaurant mossilauke in kent. my sister always raves about a place called troutbeck, not sure location. i have also been to roomba in new haven once years & years ago and remember having a great evening.

            1. Jfood go-to list of restos as of 4/6/07.

              -Aloi (New Canaan)
              -Baang (G’wich)
              -Barcelona (SONO)
              -Bernard’s Inn (Ridgefield)
              -Bonne Nuit (New Canaan)
              -Cherry Street East (Reopening Soon)
              -Elms (Ridgefield)
              -Giovanni’s II (Deli in Stamford)
              -Good News Café (Southbury)
              -Harbor Lights (SONO)
              -Napa & Co. (Stamford)
              -Ocean 211 (Stamford)
              -Ocean Drive (SONO)
              -Rebecca’s (G’wich)
              -Rowayton Seafood
              -Sally’s Pizza (NH)

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                gotta love the colony. hot oil pie, cold beer, old-style bar frozen in time. not for the fancy folk. best for lunch.

              2. the monkey farm in old saybrook needs to be added to the mix. pretty cool/eccentric roadhouse.

                1. Ocean 211 in Stamford is wonderful as is the West Street Grille in Litchfield.
                  The Sea Horse in Groton and the Mayflower Inn in Washington as good as the others also imho.
                  These are just some of our favoirtes;there are so many more great places(many listed here)still to try!

                  1. Restaurant du Village - Chester
                    Simmer - Canton
                    Bricco's - West Hartford
                    Bill's Seafood - Westbrook
                    The Cottage - Plainville

                    1. On Sunday, I ate at the Old Lyme Inn and added a new favorite to my list (which is headed by Foe, in Branford). Food was excellent - endive salad with a bleu cheese slice and vinegary dressing; ham with a very good mustard dressing, a cold salsa (interesting contrast) of chutney over a warm, delicious scallion and mushroom bread pudding. Excellent presentation. We ate in the pub room which was pretty (local art on the walls, small intimate). There is a beautiful library (maybe 16 to 20 tops) which may usually be used by guests in the inn, but was set for dinner on Easter. If I were to eat there, again, I'd ask for that room.

                      Highly recommend

                      BTW - Foe, in Branford, is owned by and "cheffed" by the former chef at Esteva in Guilford who came up through the Steve's line in Chester. Phenomenal - casual but excellent food. Pay attention to the specials - which are.

                      1. in Greenwich try:
                        Asiana Cafe - asian fusion, nice place
                        Penang Grill - South East Asian cuisine, smaller place, good food and moderately priced

                        in Stamford try:
                        Fiesta - awesome Peruvian place located in downtown and one in Shippan. not a place for decor and ambiance; just good peruvian food at a moderate price
                        Egane - Korean bbq
                        Quatro Pazzi - italian on hope st; nicely done
                        Kampei - chinese & japanese; pretty good sushi
                        Colony Pizza - ridiculous pizza; get the hot oil with sausage

                        1. Caffe Bravo - New Haven
                          The Cottage - Plainville
                          Anthony Jack's - Southington
                          25 Center Street - Southington
                          The Pond House - West Hartford

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                            Try Islas in Fairfield ct. Nuevo Latino fusion. Wonderful, speak with the chef Norberto Lucero.

                          2. Bernards in ridgefield
                            Kazu, SONO