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Apr 4, 2007 06:23 PM

Favorite restaurants in CT

What are some of your personal favorite restaurants in CT?

Some of mine would be...

Tenderloin Fish and Steakhouse in Branford
Restaurant Bricco and Grant's in West Hartford
and Central Steakhouse in New Haven

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Max Downtown or Cavey's and...Mulberry St Pizza in Manchester (take out only)...

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        i don't know this mulberry st pizza.. i've seen you post about it before but am a bit skeptical as i consider myself really picky on pie. i like new haven style and most classic nyc places (grimaldi, difara, etc). but despise greek and chicago styles. explain the pie there to me, if you dont mind :-)

      2. La Cupola in Litchfield
        Cantina Sforza in Westport
        Terra in Canton
        Simmer in Canton
        Piccolo Arancio in Farmington
        Cuginos in Farmington
        Taste of India in Avon

        1. Lorenzo's Ristorante Italiano - West Haven
          Taipan - Westport
          Tolli's pizza - East Haven
          Darbar India - Branford
          Bill's Seafood - Westbrook

          1. HayDay Market Cafes at various spots in Southeastern CT... and definitely go to the adjacent markets!

            Also, several restaurants on Greenwich Ave. in Greenwich, led by the Northern Italian place on the right a block or so down the hill from the Post Road.