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Apr 4, 2007 05:39 PM

Chinese delivery in Ditmas Park?

Can anyone vouch for reliable Chinese delivery in Ditmas Park? I've noticed some posts recommending a place called Yen Yen on Church Ave., but the posts are a couple years old or more, so not sure if the endorsements still hold (or if the place is even still around). Doesn't need to be anything super special -- just looking for a safe bet for something tasty, and the places I routinely walk by on Cortelyou don't look so promising.

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  1. yen yen's is ...edible. i know other dpark families who order from them. there is also another delivery place called 'green house chinese' (or something like that) on ave. h. we tried them this week. just barely acceptable.

    1. I'd love some recommendations too. I used to order from Yen Yen. As redgirl says...edible. Not a high recommendation. By all means avoid the take-out places on Cortelyou. I had some things from the place just East of Rugby (near the pizza place) and it was absolutely horrible. Almost unidentifiable as anything familiar. The other place I've seen just West of Rugby is scary with their bulletproof enclosure and all of that.

      I'd even try someplace in the Slope that delivers if anyone knows someplace like that.

      1. Alright chowhounds. We clearly need some help here!

        1. Sadly Yen Yen is really the only edible option. I have taken to hopping in the car and driving a few minutes down to Avenue U and picking up. Not as convenient as delivery obviously, but there are some really good places down there.

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            Hmm...thanks, but no car, so not an option. Do update, though, if you discover a place down there that's willing to make the delivery trek.

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              Or you could conceivably hop on the Q and run down to pick up- My favorite on Ave. U is Win Sing (or, depending on which sign you believe, Win Shing). There are others closer to the Q- Win Sing is just a couple of blocks off CIA. What about any Chinese places on Flatbush? No way?

              I got delivery from Yen Yen once.


              What's the Chinese food like at Essex on Coney?

              1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

                I really don't think Yen Yen is bad. It is pretty much on a par with decent (not great) Chinese that you would get in Park Slope. Kind of what you expect when you order Chinese food for delivery. If you haven't tried Yen Yen, I think it's at least worth one order to see what you think. I have tried finding good, more authentic alternatives in outer brooklyn--have stopped at a few places on Bay Parkway and on Ave. U, and even in Sunset Park. Some have been OK, but nothing terribly memorable or worth going out of my way for. (Certainly not worth taking a train for.) I will try Wing Sing, though.

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                  It (winsing) made seitsema's top 100 inexpensive asian resaurants in the burroughs a couple of years ago. if I remember correctly, it figured pretty high on the list.

                  1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

                    That's interesting. I will definitely try it. (None of the places I've tried have been recommended--just looked somewhat promising from the street. ..well, except for some of the dumpling places in Sunset Park, which have been recommended here or there....) Is there anything you get there that is particularly good?

            2. I just moved to the neighborhood with my boyfriend, and on our second night in our new apt--largely because we saw all the good reviews on this site!--we ordered take-out from Yen Yen.

              After the food was delivered and the delivery guy had left, I unpacked the bags and realized that they had forgotten to include plastic utensils or chopsticks. I called Yen Yen, and they told me that they couldn't send the delivery guy back with some utensils, and that when ordering from them you had to specially request chopsticks or utensils if you wanted them! I explained that we had just moved into our apt and that no silverware was unpacked yet, but the guy had no sympathy whatsoever. This was especially upsetting to me because we had given the delivery guy a 30% tip! It was too late to get silverware from any nearby shops, so we decided we would have to eat with measuring spoons.

              Then, after opening the containers, we realized that not only had they forgotten to include silverware or chopsticks, but they had forgotten to pack the main chicken dish that we had ordered even though we had paid for it! I called back and explained this to the same guy, and he told me that actually, I must have forgotten to order the dish. When I asked him about why he had charged me for the chicken, then, he said that actually my side order of bok choy cost $15!

              I have never had such an awful experience with any delivery food before--and the bok choy and rice that we were left with were terrible to boot. Yen Yen = Bad Bad!

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              1. re: ditmaslana

                That's too bad. I will say that I've been ordering from them for a decade and they have never been rude, late, or gotten any part of my order wrong--my only complaint is that the food is not fabulous, though it is solidly good if you order the right things.

                It is true, though, now that you mention it, that they don't include utensils or plates. I guess they figure that if they're delivering to houses/apartments that people have that stuff.

                1. re: ditmaslana

                  Yeah, I'm also sorry you had such a terrible time with Yen Yen. I was going to suggest them at least for the fact that they're usually very polite and astoundingly quick. (I could swear they have a kitchen in my building's basement.) I've only spoken to the women answering the phone there, but nobody could defend $15 bok choy. In fact, what chicken, what anything is $15 there?

                  They're certainly no great shakes but we think they're the best around, and certainly on par with whatever people think is good in the Slope. Frankly, it's American Chinese and you would do best to avoid anything possibly gloppy and/or too salty. I agree with gnosh about ordering the right things - we usually get the ginger scented beef or the peppercorn chicken, a particular indulgence in that it's hunks of fried, battered white meat. Not too authentic! Believe it or not the clams are pretty good. And since it's essentially comfort food for us, my wife having grown up here, me on LI, we're happy with the particularly un-greasy egg rolls. As for the utensils, etc., I'd also agree with gnosh and note that over the years Yen Yen might've received more requests to NOT include that stuff that invariably gets tossed.

                  Having written all this about what is arguably, a leader among a, at best, desultory handful of delivery options I'll mention that the Pakistani Medina on CIA is awesome, and AM Thai is pretty darned good and even features some unusual dishes. (IMHO the other Thai options, are pretty crappy).

                  Also, sorry to add insult to injury, baldwyck, since you're without wheels, but here in Kensington we're within 10-15 mins from great authentic Chinese (and a smattering of Vietnamese and Malaysian) food on 8th ave in Sunset, 18th ave in Bensonhurst, and ave U in Homecrest. At least you can get the Q down to Homecrest (and of course to King's Hwy or ave J which are other kettles of other fishes).

                  1. re: ditmaslana

                    You shouldn't believe everything you read- I fell into the same trap, and was completely thrilled when I found out YenYen would deliver all the way to East 19th St. Until I tried the food.