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Apr 4, 2007 05:21 PM

Affordable Kosher Caterer New York City?

I'm planning a wedding in Brooklyn and I'm looking for an AFFORDABLE (less than $100/person) (and delicious) kosher caterer for a dairy/vegetarian meal.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Check out Main Event. They have offices in Englewood and Riverdale, but according to their website ( they cater all around the NY area. You'll find many positive reports about them on this board, and I am happy to add my own praise. We recently used them to cater a dairy kiddush luncheon for our son's bar mitzvah and were thrilled with the quality of the food and the range of options offered, including some imaginative salads (a mango and avocado salad, a citrus jicama slaw, etc.) as well as well-executed standards for the traditionalists. Our guests, including food professionals, chowhounds, and just plain picky eaters, were impressed. The food wasn't just good for kosher caterers, it was good period, and the people at Main Event were a delight to work with.

    1. My daughter got married in 2003, The places that I looked at, Eden Palace, Ateres Avraham, Rose Castle, and Ateres Chayil were around $85 per COUPLE. I went with Eden Palace and paid $92 a COUPLE because I had extras like a few carving stations. Since then Ateres Chinka opened, another reasonable Brooklyn choice. I had meat at my daughter's affair, don't see any reason why they won't cater dairy though. Prices I assume have gone up since 2003, but still should come in way under your budjet with lots of money to spare for a nice honeymoon or furniture!

      Mazel tov!

      1. Best dairy wedding I've been to was catered by Manna Catering. Website is I'm not sure they'll be able to do it for that price, but it's worth looking into.

        1. I would give Steve Klein from Hunki's of Plainview a call. He does dairy catering with waiter service. I think that his food is good and his prices will probably be cheaper than Main Event.

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