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Apr 4, 2007 05:20 PM

Best Mexican

What's your recommendations for best Mexican restaurants in Montreal? Who makes a great horchata drink? For any restaurants suggested, I would appreciate any specific dishes to order from that establishment.

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  1. I really enjoy Guadeloupe. Delicious fajitas smothered in guacamole, mole chicken. Slow service and you might even get your drink in a Micky Mouse cup, but oh so good.

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    1. re: celfie

      Guadeloupe Mexicaine is definitely a nice destination, I second that. :) As mentionned though, it might sometimes not be a good idea if you're in a bit of hurry, as sometimes service is very very slow... At least what you get usually ends up being worth it.

      2345 Ontario E., 2-3 street corners away from Frontenac metro station.

      Another really nice place I tried out recently is Limon. Excellent service, very good food (I had the Enchiladas de salsa verde, yummy), nice atmosphere, a tad more expensive than Guadeloupe, although you can't really compare both.

      2472 Notre-Dame W.

    2. Coin Du Mexique:
      2489 Jean-Talon Est; Metro: d’Iberville

      I strongly suggest making a reservation.

      I think their enchiladas are the best dish. I found the tacos a bit dry. The horchata is good there!

      Oh I should say that the atmosphere is not the best at this's all about the food!

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      1. re: Keramel

        We had dinner at Coin Du Mexique. tonight. I must say it was quite delicious. I had the sopes and the chile relleno. The missus had tortilla soup and mole enchiladas. The sopes were delicious. Dough, frijoles, crema and cheese are four of my favourite things. The chile relleno was also yummy. The flavours were well balanced and it wasn't at all greasy. Missus thought the tortilla soup was a little too salty and the mole was a little too sweet. I didn't mind the saltyness of the soup. but agreed about the mole. I liked it fine, though.

        The service was quite genial and prompt. Our waitress answered all our questions with a smile. We were very pleased with our dinner and will go back to try the huitlacoche quesadilla and the tacos al pastor.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Glad you liked it!

          I agree about the tortilla soup...I have a taste for salty food but for people who don't like it, the soup may be too much. I prefer to make my own for that reason.

      2. It's been a while but I was impressed by Maria Bonita after "discovering" it through Haldane's review.

        La Nacion (Ste-Catherine a couple of blocks west of Guy) is pretty good for Montreal but I really miss the local branch of the Malibu-based taqueria whose name I've forgotten but that has since become the thoroughly banal Taqueria Mex (St-Laurent south of Marie-Anne).

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        1. re: carswell

          I second La Nacion, the food is quite good, service unassumed and prices are fair.

          1. re: Campofiorin

            I like it but i highly recommend against getting any just cheese taco

          2. re: carswell

            The service at la nacion is patchy but they always seem to give us free food to make up for it. Furthermore, I'll never be ordering a margarita there again, because we saw them put Realemon in there. And when I tried it, it was just, well, gross. The tacos are pretty good, though.

            We went to Maria Bonita the other day and thought the price a bit high for the size of the portions. The tongue in salsa verde was good (albeit a bit too salty) but it came with two teeny pieces of tongue. It was too small and left us unsatisfied. The dessert was also dissappointing, and worth maybe half of what they were charging. However, the alcohol-to-drink ratio is very generous, and I highly recommend the tamarind daiquiri. It was smashing!

            1. re: carswell

              I stopped by La Nacion a couple days ago (June 1). They must have had some problem with their liquor license as no beer or other alcohol was to be had. I reluctantly ordered a Mexican mandarin orange soda instead. The chicken in my quesadilla was very tender and succulent; the homemade tortilla was the best I have since I left California 30 years ago. I forgot how good a fresh, well-made tortilla can be! The side of guacamole was chunky with a variety of veggies rather than the puree usually seen in more Americanized restaurants. The food was totally simple but delicious nonetheless; the atmosphere was relaxed, the service “salt-of-the-earth” but still efficient. I will probably stop in again some time when I am in the neighborhood.

            2. I like Cactus on St-Denis near Mont-Royal. Their fajitas are good. It is not as cheap as Carlo's and Pepe's but better:)

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              1. re: cricri7

                I agree with you about Cactus. I'd rather pay a little more to get better quality food. I find their fajitas out of this world.

                1. re: panchulita

                  I agree. Cactus is the best Mexican food I've had in Montreal.

              2. I second Coin du Mexique. ( I dont go to a lot of mexicans). They are around the corner from my place.

                The 2 times I went , it was very good. The ladies in the kitchen served up nice food ( I think we the taqueria plate ( sorry for the spelling)

                You have to be ready to eat with mostly latino people , with the télénovela splaying on the TV, but it is kind of fun !

                After dinner , it is a small walk to Roberto for gelato ( I know , not the best but quite alright after a mexican meal.)