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Apr 4, 2007 05:13 PM

Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - Bug Attracter?

Dying to buy one of these (haven't decided between Le Creuset & Lodge Logic - any advice?) and in the back of my mind I am freaked out by the concept of a well seasoned pan in my cabinet. Does anyone feel the same way? Can anyone talk me down?

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  1. I have a Lodge preseasoned skillet and I have a very difficult time not scrubbing the heck out it. I never feel like it is clean enough but I have learned to back off. Very important to wipe it out when it is still warm. Also, be sure not to try to turn the food too soon or it will stick. I learned that the hard way!

    1. Bugs are a fact of life. In Louisiana they are around pretty much all of the time. Dead winter and I was still fighting moths off of my good suits. Anyway, I have a few cast iron items and I use my skillet with some regularity (I also have an old family cast iron skillert with legs so you can cook over an open fire with it, but that is for another post). Anyway, I clean the Lodge skillet maybe once a year and otherwise just wipe it out. I have not noticed that it attracts bugs any more than the rest of the house does. I find silverfish in my bowls all the time or at least in everything that sits idle for more than two weeks. So, I would not worry about it unless you burn something to the bottom, which is about the only time I put soap and water on my seasoned skillet.

      1. Not only that but in the case of my big Lodge pieces that I keep in the garage for use on the grill, probably mouse attractors also.

        I store them open side down on newspaper so that any visitations will be limited to the exterior.