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Apr 4, 2007 05:06 PM

Portsmouth ideas for a "company dinner" for 10

I'm organizing a conference in Portsmouth and I need to select a location to have a "speaker dinner" for aprox 10 people.

It needs to be:
- nice but not over the top expensive
- mainstream - nothing funky or fun that might not appeal to everyone - ie, not ethnic (I'm even hesitant to consider blue mermaid)
- in the downtown area - ideally with in walking distance of the hotel (250 Market Street). If you have several suggestions I'll figure out what's located where.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  1. I can't think of many great options in downtown Portsmouth. Aside from not many private rooms, there's not much middle of the road--it's either a bar type place, or pricey. Here are a few suggestions:

    - Sports Page - Good simple food (burgers, steak tips, fish sandwiches, etc.). I'd say they'd be able to arrange for you to have your own corner of the restaurant.

    - Portsmouth Brewery - Middle of the road food. Big table in a private corner.

    - AK's Bistro - Haven't been there since it changed hands. It used to be an Irish pub and the upstairs is/was private.

    - Anthony Alberto's - Very good but pricey. There is a small private room in the back.

    - Blue Mermaid - Personally, I think it stinks...

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      Hi Chris, Thanks for your suggestions. I'll make a few calls!

      1. re: davidkris

        Here's a link for you.

        I know the Library Steak House, has a private function room. But there are a few others for you to check out.

        Good luck, Portsmouth is one of my favorite spots. Great food, drinks and shopping.

    2. Years ago, my company had a private dinner at the Library. mainstream menu - something for everyone. it's walking distance, right there.