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Apr 4, 2007 04:26 PM

More Great Fairmount Takeout: Trio

Post surgery, I ordered three nice dishes from Trio, plus neat appetizers, all delivered to our door with a smile. Pad Thai ($13) tasty, nice shrimp, fresh bean sprouts, peanuts, etc. Tamarind Pork Chops ($16) with great sauce, crisp veggies, rice: my favorite. Also excellent was crispy tofu with julienne ginger ($11). A Trio Salad for $6 and chicken satay ($7) was more than enough food for two dinners/day for the two of us. Not bad for $56 + tip.

Eating well without any work sure suits me. Just wanted to let you know that many of our neighborhood faves will do takeout if asked. All food was hot and fresh. Next time Chinese, and then back to Zorba's for Greek food. I'm getting spoiled!

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  1. And after Zorba's don't forget Osteria. we are getting spoiled, in few weeks we'll have Sabrina's for alternative brunch place to go to.

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    1. re: risiebisi

      isn't it great? don't forget to try sabrina's for dinner. it has long been one of my favorites and now it will be closer to home!

      bashful3...where are you getting chinese from? that seems to be one of the things fairmount is lacking...

      1. re: nittany

        I think I'll be getting it from Long's. Which has pretty china, but had been so-so otherwise in the past. With Chinese it isn't a huge investment: I just have to be sure there is no MSG in any part of the food. My favorite Chinese is Chun Hing in Bala, but they would not deliver to us--too far. And, too far to drive just for a pickup. So, I will be compromising. Or, doing without Chinese if I don't get a satisfactory answer about the MSG.

        1. re: Bashful3

          I heard recently from a friend who ordered delivery from Long's that it was terrible - she said they threw a lot of it out. Hearsay, of course.
          I also heard - from another friend - that Square on Square will deliver to this area and that the food came promptly (within half an hour), was hot and delicious.
          If they're still doing it, that sounds like a better bet.
          Good luck!

          1. re: sylviag

            We order regularly from Long's and have been very satisfied. One thing to note about Long's is that they strive for healthy preparation. So if you order orange beef don't expect something coated and deep fried. It is a light preparation with an orange flavored sauce. Their noodles don't have a heavy brown sauce. Instead they are lightly sauteed with meat and veggies. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but we really enjoy their food.

            1. re: joluvscards

              Not directly on point, but is this Long's connected with the Alex Long's in Wynnewood? We were there recently, and the styles seemed similar.

              1. re: Kramer

                we tend to order from asia on the parkway. it's good (basic - nothing spectacular) but better than anything else we have found that will deliver to fairmount