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looking for cooking classes on the west side.

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Anybody have any suggestions on a good place to take intro level cooking classes in Santa Monica or Venice area? Not looking for anything too complicated, just something that is fun and will teach me the basics. I figure it's about time I learn.

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  1. The New School of Cooking in Culver City is great...I took the basics course which is 4 sessions and loved it.

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      I agree. I'm taking the 20-week class right now. The description of the shorter class looks great for beginners. Most of the cooking classes I've seen at other schools are menu-driven and this one seems more skills-driven.

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        Are you taking the course for fun or are you going into the profession?

    2. I have taken several classes at the Culinary Classroom on Pico near the Westside Pavilion. Chef Eric is very cool. www.culinaryclassroom.com

      1. There are also some fun classes at Sur La Table. I know the Grove has them, and perhaps Santa Monica as well. Also lots of restaurants do them, so check the websites of some of your favorite spots.

        1. try Amanda Cushman - you can google her for the website address. It might be under Amandacooks.com. She teaches private and group and is great for beginners. She is a former chef from New York - very knowledgable. I've taken several small group classes with her.

          1. I fourth the New School of Cooking. Very competent instructors, especially for the basics. I find them to be reasonably priced, too.

            1. I haven't been to Hip Cooks....but their class schedule looks interesting. And I've heard their classes are instructive and a lot of fun. Lots of good choices.