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Apr 4, 2007 04:05 PM

Good meat slicer for home use (does Krups still make one)?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a good meat slicer in the $100-$150 for moderate home use. Will be using it a couple of times a week for salami, ham, roast beef and corned beef. I did a search, and people seem to like Krups, but I can't find a new Krups slicer for sale anywhere. I appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Hey, Morton
    For that amount of money, you could get a terrific slicer, not only a good quality new one
    but also an extremely high-quality used one (as in Hobart) if you were willing to purchase
    from a restaurant or butcher supply company (many in the East Bay) or from Ebay. Just checked Ebay for you and found several Hobart and Krups models. Ebay has both used and new. What may be of special consideration is the overall size of the slicer, related to blade size (and will it take up too much counter space if you leave it out between uses) and the slicer's weight (meaning, is it too heavy to put away between uses?). Here's a review of meat slicers:
    Good luck, and I have a feeling some tasty antipasti platters are in your future.

    1. I had a krups slicer for a number of years. It did not hold up well enough for us.(plastic is not particularly sturdy.) I bit the bullet and bought a chef's choice 632 from Amazon. It is heavy duty and has had no problems in the two years we have had it.

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        My investmdnt of $2.00 in a Krups 12 years ao with extra blades was well worth the investment. Got exrta blades too at the trhift shop. Thing was didgustngly filthy but cleaned up perfectly. I neber even think o etting out the electric knife which might have been used in an equal amt. of time

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          I really like the Chef's Choice 632 too, but the 610 is solid too - and it's about $100.

        2. I got a light duty one out of one of the major online catalogs, can't quite recall the name, out of Germany, cuts reasonably well, but must be completely disassembled including the base to clean it up, a major hassle which keeps me from using it very much, look for one that has the meat on a tilt to use gravity to help with the cut, I agree with the notion for a used commercial slicer, look for easy to clean, in my next kitchen it will be an important tool.

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            I haven't used it but I know that Waring (a la Waring Blender) makes one for about $125-$150.

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