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Apr 4, 2007 03:58 PM

Small walk from Hynes Convention Center

Boston, MA

I'm going to be at an Anime convention (Anime Boston) soon, and I'm wondering if there's any simple chowhound-worthy dinner restaurants within a short walking distance.

Emphasis is on the closeness to the Hynes, as I can't be away from the convention that long. A place that some friends and I can relax for a bit is kinda what I'm looking for - as the convention is a pretty hectic place, and my role in it is as well...


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. To keep with the anime theme and for a very short walk, you can try Men Tei.(Hereford St.) While it isn't the best ramen to be found, some of their dishes are ok. The curry that I've had is pretty good. Another place that's close is Bukowski's (Dalton St.) The service is pretty inattentive to say the least, but their beer selection is good for the area. The music can be a bit abrasive depending on who's behind the bar. Do you know if any Grendizer merch will be available at the show? If so, I may have to stop by myself.

      1. All within a couple of blocks: Chilli Duck is a very good Thai place quite close by, basically across Boylston St from the Prudential tower. It has a Thai specialties menu worth checking out for dishes that aren't run of the mill American Thai. Over on Newbury St, Scoozi does good fancy thin-crust pizzas. Bhindi Bazaar at the corner of Newbury and Mass Ave is a very good Indian restaurant with dishes from a lot of different regions.

        1. The Other Side Cafe on Newbury is another option. Nice beers on tap, cheap and cheery wines by the glass, lots of healthy, veggie and non-veggie selections, chilled-out, tattooed crowd. Service can be slow but if you mention you can't dawdle, they will definitely step it up.

          1. I've always been a fan of the Summer Shack, on Dalton street behind the convention center. All kinds of seafood, excellent lobster rolls and such to be found.