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Apr 4, 2007 03:39 PM

Powell's (Incredible) Sweet Shoppe

Today I discovered Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Novato, CA. I'll never be the same. It's a franchise, which is difficult to believe. The stores look like a very upscale candy boutique, but without the upscale prices. While there is one in Boulder and one is Boise, Idaho, they are mainly in San Francisco Bay Area in Novato in Marin County, Windsor, Petaluma and Healdsburg in Sonoma County. Los Gatos in South Bay has one too and others are coming to the Central Valley and Southern California. They have every kind of candy you remember from when you were a kid, and old fashioned soda flavors, every possible kind of "penny candy," and candy bar you've ever enjoyed in your entire life and so much more that it boggles the mind. You can buy M&Ms in all the designer colors and flavors. The selection is HUGE. So, if you're looking for some really wonderful and unique stuff to place in Easter Baskets or for any other occasion, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Powell's Sweet Shoppe. Their locations are on their Web site: Oh! and try the gelato. It's absolutely to die for.

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  1. I've been a fan of Powell's since opening. The selection of sodas is amazing. I've browsed the Healdsburg and Los Gatos stores and was impressed that the franchisees have faithfully duplicated the store and are equally fanatical about sweets. The gelato is Classico, good enough, but not competitive with better choices in downtown Healdsburg. I will say that the original Windsor location does a good job of keeping it at proper temperature, offers up samples lavishly, and scoops generously.

    1. Here's my Yelp review (yes, I said the "Y" word) of the location in Los Gatos:

      The variety of sweets sold here is truly staggering. I've never seen this big a selection. There are tons of different candies for the kids (including the gross-out kind), and grown-up exotic chocolate bars (far beyond Hershey's) for the adults.

      In addition to the ridiculous number of candy displays, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (the 1971 version) plays on an endless loop in the back of the store, along with four fold-down movie theater chairs. There are present day photos of the cast, too (many of them signed).

      On the wall behind the cash register there is also a display on the evolution of the Candyland game board with boards included in 10 year increments from 1940 or so.

      My only disappointment here was in the candy counter which carries (presumably) house made chocolates. The boyfriend got some almond bark, and the chocolate was soft. It wasn't even crisp or well, bark-like. But still from selection and variety of candy, my mind was blown so this place still deserves 5 stars.

      1. Powell's is a great place to take people from out of town. I took my grandmother from Japan, and what a treat that was. She was completely amazed walking in. A classic "American" experience if there is such a thing.

        1. ! stepped into Powell's Sweet Shoppe yesterday evening, and was literally transported to another time & place. Loved those sweets & candies which were part of our childhood memories, but we can't seem to find anywhere else anymore; then, there were the naughty little mint boxes with picture of the Last Supper containing after-dinner mints (LOL!), bacon-flavored gum (!!), lollipops with insects & worms embedded in them.

          I ended up buying an Elvis lunchbox - now what am I going to do with that?!

          Powell's Sweet Shoppe
          1166 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA

          1. We just got one in Lafayette! Whoo hoo! I needed cinnamon hots for a cookie woman/man project and wandered in and was amazed. Walked out with lemon drops, root beer hard candies, and for the kids, that funny ground up sweet tart powder candy that comes in a very long tube.

            On a warm summer night, take the gelato out the back door - there are about 4 tables and your can sit outside and savor your gelato.

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              Oh how funny. I just went to the one in Healdsburg-- and had a flood of forgotten feelings... they had Flicks?!!! Those chocolate discs we would beg our mom to buy for us at the grocery check out lines. I bought several to give as part of my siblings' christmas gifts this year. I know I will be dissappointed with the chocolate since I've developed a certain taste, but it is so fun to see them!!!