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Apr 4, 2007 03:39 PM

Palm Desert Pizza

Any place for really good pizza in the Palm Desert Rancho Mirage area?

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  1. I found the Stuft Pizza in Old Town La Quinta pizza excellent. They have an individual wood fired pizza as well as the traditional. The pizza wasn't like wood fired in Italy, but nothing in the U.S. is. They also have other items on a large menu that looked really good.

    1. There is a pizza restaurant upstairs at the Gardens shopping center on El Paseo in Palm Desert. Can;t remember the name but friends say it is good. I'm not a big pizza eater myself. And it would be pricy, not a hole in the wall.

      Papa Dan's is another that has average pizza. There's a branch in the Bristol Farms center at Monterey/Country club.

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        Mario's in Palm Desert (actually across the street in Bermuda Dunes) on Washington is good. Also in La Quinta is the Stuft Pizza. They have a good individual wood fired pizza as well as traditional. There are two large patios that have a wonderful view of the Cove especially at sunset.