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Apr 4, 2007 03:28 PM

Madrid's Cheap Secrets

My husband and I are traveling to Madrid for 6 nights and want to eat delicious food where the locals eat. We are also on a tight budget because we're young and struggling and we spent all our money on the airfare. Please let me in on Madrid's cheap food secrets!

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  1. Hi Sivan,

    For tapas:

    1-"El Tempranillo" (Calle Cava Baja)-Delicious tapas and great wine selection from all over Spain ( including great catalan "Priorats")

    2-"Txirimiri"- Basque tapas.Fantastic quality.Young crowd.(2 minutes walking distance from El Tempranillo)


    (For around 25-30 € per person)- "Genoveva de Barri" Calle del Espejo (close to the Opera)-Tiny and quiet bistrot,beautifully decorated and thus ideal for a nice and romantic evening.Contemporary Spanish cuisine.

    For any other questions you may have about Madrid:

    (Yahoo/MSN Messenger or e-mail) :


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      El Tempranillo is fantastic and well worth a visit. I also like Lucas and the branch of toma Jamon on the same street.


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        Thanks! I will visit your recommendations. Much obliged.

      2. Dont know if you have left for Madrid already, but the best place to eat cheap is in this really cool place that has no name, but every Madrileño knows its the Tienda de Comunista in Chueca, just off the square. Really cheap, always packed, opens at 9pm and has small menu, but good and cheap and no frills. Enjoy


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          This may be too late as well, but if dirt cheap is what you want, a place becoming not so secret is El Tigre. Near Gran Via on Infantas, 30. Generous servings of FREE tapas with your sidra.
          Another great cheap sidra place for roasted chicken is Casa Mingo on Paseo de la Florida, 34. Metro Principe Pio.

        2. Too much time has gone by but for good food at reasonable prices many of the places on the afore-mentioned Cava Baja are a good choice. Then near the Opera house on Campomanes, there's a great little Italian cafe called Panini with a really good lunch menu. And though it may seem a cliche, save up money on other days so that you can go to Botin to eat suckling pig. It is truly good food.