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Apr 4, 2007 03:13 PM

PigDaddy's BBQ in Drexel Hill

Has anyone ever been? I'm considering using them to cater a party and wondered if anyone has any thoughts. Any other bbq places to suggest that are relatively inexpensive and do catering in/around Delaware Co? Thanks!

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  1. I've been there a few times. All I can say is they are ok. Nothing special. The Cuban sandwich is good, not great. I've had the rack of ribs a few times. It was somewhat dried out. The baked beans w/pork is pretty good. They have an extensive menu so I tend to go back and try other stuff. If you go with them, let me know what you thought (or if anything stood out). Only other bbq place I can think of is Tommy Guns. I drove by another one on Lancaster Ave (Dwight's?). Never stopped in though.

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      Sweet Lucy's in the Northeast is the best around, now that Smoked Joint is no more. After that, Tommy Gunn's. Dwight's is ok, but variable. I think their location on Germantown Ave is better. I saw an ad on an Acme cart for a place on Haverford - is that the one in Drexel Hill?

    2. Been a few times. They are very hit or miss and sometimes the food is flat (kinda on the dry, been sitting around a while side). You'll find alot of variety, but generally we've stuck to the brisket / pork .. overall I'd give it an OK.

      Tommy Gunns..been there once...pretty darn good.