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Apr 4, 2007 02:59 PM

Short takes on recent meals

Here's some short takes on some recent meals:

Enoteca Vespaio: Really tasty but not cheap. I had the stuffed shells with meat on the recommendation of the person sitting next to me at the bar who was back for for the third day that week. I'm planning to go back.

Tan My (formerly Tan Tan): Inexpensive Vietnamese with really good pho. I had the Pho Tai Nam Gan, and it was loaded with tasty meats. Seemed like a lot of interesting restaurants worth checking out nearby.

P. Terry's Burgers: The cheeseburger was lousy, and the chicken sandwich wasn't good either. Fries and shakes better, but not worth it. Is there a good home grown burger place here in Austin?

Mi Colombia: Good South American food. The aborrajado appetizer (fried sweet plaintain with cheese) was the highlight. The steak with the Bandeja Paisa was a bit tough, but the seasonings and sides were real good. Dining partner really liked the fish salad.

Tony's Southern Comfort: Comfy southern food. The chicken fried steak was done crispier than I was used too, but very flavorful. The yams as a side dish stole the show.

I realize these probably aren't that useful without context, but maybe they'll spur someone into some other recommendations...


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  1. Nate, thanks for the notes.

    Re: burgers, I tried P.Terry's this past weekend and, quite disappointingly, came to the same conclusion. I really wanted it to be my burger mecca. Being a newbie to Austin, I don't have a large dataset to report from but, thus far I have found Top Notch to be the best for my tastes. I should note that I'm mostly referring to the 30's diner-style burger - thin patty, diced onions, pickles & mustard (ketchup sometimes). For a different breed of burger, but outstanding in its own right, there's the oft-mentioned Casino el Camino. It would make the diner-burgers look like a crouton.

    I've seen lots of homespun burger stands around, and I want to hit each and every one of them over the course of the spring/summer (is there a spring here?).

    ps. anybody try those sliders (or anything else) at that new take-out place on Red River near Stubbs ?

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      For burgers, I also recommend a few places that are REALLY off the beaten path, but worth the trip if you have the time. Ski Shores down on Lake Austin has what I feel is one of the best burgers in Austin. Big Juicy cooked on a flat griddle. Not at all healthy but tasty, especially with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. And its a nice little spot on the lake. Not sure how it is on weekends being on the lake and all, but I alway went on weekdays when I could take an extended lunch, and it was always great. I also recommend Bam's Roadhouse Grill on Lohman's Ford road in Lago Vista. They have what they call stuffed hamburgers. Hickory Smoked patties stuffed with your choice of bacon, hatch chilies, and cheddar, or red onins and bblue cheese, and then finished on the grill and put on a bun with all the fixins. Definitely different, and pretty tasty. Try them out if you want something off the beaten path.

      1. re: Homero

        Duly noted, Homero. Burger stuffed w/ bacon ? I'm all over that.
        Many thanks.

      2. re: Nab

        I'm curious about these sliders. Is it a stand/cart or an actual restaurant? My life hasn't been complete since Reido's closed down a year or so back (shared the GM Steakhouse afterhours and had the BEST sliders!).