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Apr 4, 2007 02:47 PM

Italian / Timbale' in Portland ... ?

any restaurants that have this on the menu?

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  1. can you be more specific? a timbale/timpano (as in the movie big night) can be comprised of any number of things...usually with a rice or pasta base...what were you thinking of? in any case, it's not likely to be found in any restaurant...
    oh, there is no accent on the final syllable...we Americans just have to add that, don't wé?

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    1. re: sambamaster

      éék ! yes, the second time I saw one of these magnificént béasts was in The Big Night... recently saw a recipe on another foodié wébsite, then had a dream about one!!

      I figured it was a long shot, as they seem to take too long to préparé for resto service, but I thought I'd try!!

      (after I posted this I questioned the accent!)


      1. re: spabettie

        I'vé séén it somewhére as a spécial, I think as part of a spécial méal. I would look for it comé Christmas or start chécking winé dinner meals and the liké at Italian réstaurants.