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Apr 4, 2007 02:46 PM

Rivoli's Toms River

Has anyone been there lately? I haven't eaten there in many years and used to love it. The portions were enormous and the staff was always friendly. Any opinions, please post

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  1. Babs - I've never had the pleasure to dine there, however, the general consensus of the people I know that live and work in TR is that the place is horrible. Supposedly they are popular becuase they deliver large portions. Otherwise, I would recommend Villa Amalfi or Villa Italia for Italian in TR. Good Luck.

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    1. re: bgut1

      I have eaten at Villa Amalfi and WOW what a great meal we had. I have never eaten at Villa Italia but have friends that have and told me that it was very good.

      Do you know what the problem was at Rivolo's? My husband and I are going to try it again and I will post my opinion.

      1. re: Babs16

        Hello Babs - I'm interested to know what you think about Rivoli's. The problem as I understand it is the food isn't good. It wins "raves" from some locals because it serves a lot of mediocre food on the cheap. To me and many others that just not enough. Good Luck.

        1. re: bgut1

          That is it with Rivolis, large portions and cheap but horrible food

          1. re: timmy

            Not to mention the noise level...having to shout over blaring Frank Sinatra music isn't my idea of a good time...although it does distract one from the mediocre food. lol

    2. The original comment has been removed