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Apr 4, 2007 02:41 PM

julia's kitchen???

anyone been to julia's kitchen?
any good?
better recommendations for napa dinning?

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  1. Have been many times. Their long standing chef (3 or so yrs) has left and gone to "Go Fish" in St. Helena, so I don't know how it is now. Mixed with a day of seeing the exhibits, Julia's was a good experience. But the exhibits are now gone, so....I did enjoy it all previous times. Better? Many...check this list as there are a few discussions going on now. Zuzu and Pilar in downtown Napa. Bisto Don Giovanni in Napa. Bistro Jeanty and Bouchon in Yountville. Mustards also in/near Yountville. Terra in St. Helena.

    1. Hey, Liv,
      I think you need a recent report of the restaurant. Hope that there are a few hounds
      who've been there since the new chef started. Old reviews won't work.

      Hundreds of reports on Napa restaurants. Type that into your search window.

      1. had lunch there last spring, so maybe someone has been there more currently.. I started with a corn chowder... simply prepared, but very fresh tasting and nice.. though needed a little added salt (and pepper). had a nicoisse (sp?) salad.. was good, but not great... would have expected better. DH & friend's hubbie had burger. was on the small side, but quite delicious. but well, it was "just a burger". my friend had lamb, it was tender and good.

        but the best thing was for dessert, an apricot tart with ginger croutons and ginger snap "croutons". it came bleeding a river of butter... warmed with the ice cream melting on the center. it was sooo delicious, really an excellent balance of flaky, gooey, not too sweet and just a touch of cinnamon and ginger. really, really good.

        overall, we wish we'd have eaten elsewhere and then came for dessert and coffee. but the gardens are beautiful.

        1. The new executive chef, Jeff Mosher, was the sous chef under former executive chef, Victor Scargle. Jeff is doing a good job, but I wouldn't consider Julia's Kitchen among the great dining experiences of Napa Valley. If your curiosity can't stand it, go for lunch, which is much more reasonably priced than dinner. I've been there 3 times since the beginning of the year for business lunch/dinners (my boss likes to go there because there is rarely a wait), but wouldn't choose to go there on my own.

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          1. re: Non Cognomina

            Thanks, Mina, for this report and the "hidden" Ranch market.

          2. perhaps a better recommendation?
            maybe adhoc?
            or something like... brix?

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              Ad Hoc is currently my favorite restaurant. Everything I've had there has been delicious. I like that the atmosphere is casual but classy, that the menu is prix fixe but you can always get seconds, and that I never feel rushed through my meal. I've been there at least a dozen times--does that make me a regular? They are only open for dinner 5 nights a week, and reservations are seriously recommended.