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Apr 4, 2007 02:24 PM

Dine-In Brooklyn complaints

i had heard some rumors on this board about how some of the restaurants participating in Brooklyn restaurant week served subpar meals for the 21.42 deal, but i thought "why would they do that if the whole point is to bring people in?"

i had the worst experience at chestnut--ended up feeling like the $21 deal was a huge rip-off. my fish was flavorless and didn't match the bok choy it was paired with. can't remember many other details except that it was not at all what i expected out of a restaurant everyone seems to love.

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  1. For some strange reason, this seems to be fairly common the last couple of years for this promotion. It is not very different in Manhattan for their restaurant week. Instead of embracing it as an opportunity to bring in new business, a lot of places look down on the patrons there solely because of restaurant week. My response to them is, "Why participate?"

    Last year we actually had the opposite experience at Tempo. They had most of their staple dishes on the restaurant week menu and the service was excellent.

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at CHESTNUT during Restaurant Week. The food is excellent, and the portions are large. Sometimes it is a bit much, but really good food and great value!

      1. Just my two cents....I never got into any kind of "restaurant week" promotions because the choices are limited, the portions are samller, and it comes with an obligatory dessert which I never order in the first place. I'm sure the restaurants vary as to quality/service/choices, etc. but why take the bait?

        1. I had a fabulous meal at Patois on Smith with surprisingly large portions. It was worth every cent.

          1. The original comment has been removed