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Apr 4, 2007 02:17 PM

Having groceries delivered

Me and my SO are thinking about having our groceries delivered, I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and what their experience was?

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  1. I have been having my Organic veg, milk and butter delivered weekly. I love it but as spring time approached I crave roaming the markets. I say it is perfect for winter time as I haven't had to scrounge for high quality ingredients. I just plan dinner around them. I also like that the milk comes in bottles.

    This summer I think I will sign up for a micro and regular greens delivery from a local CSA but grow and or shop for anything else.

    As for other groceries. I get most of mine through work because I work for a organic dry goods wholesaler. It is pretty convenient.

    1. I have been using freshdirect in the city for the past 2 years or so. I like it for the convenience, but quality can be sporadic. It definitely works better for big/uniform items than for meat and vegetables. But I still prefer it to schlepping to the grocery store.

      1. I have groceries delivered from Fresh Direct in NYC every week. On occasion, something annoying happens, but for the most part, it's great. I have 2 small children and it's not so easy to do major shopping at the supermarket. It's especially great for things like milk (both my daughter and my husband drink a ton) and for soda.

        1. I was bedridden for an entire month with a knee injury last summer and ordered from my local ShopRite a couple of times. It went better than expected. They did have to make a couple of substitutions, but called me first to make sure it was ok with me. I did not purchase any meat products, because my freezer was well stocked, and I wasn't intending on cooking anything complicated anyway, given my circumstances. My husband is pretty much pathetic in the kitchen, so we were trying to keep things simple. So, the home delivery came very much in handy - it would have been to difficult for me to make a list for him, trying to remember everything and I it was very easy to navigate their site, and just click off what I needed. It arrived as promised, no complications.

          I wouldn't do this regularly, but in a pinch, it worked out great.

          1. DH & I have been using Peapod for years & years. We used dial up and a special diskette, if memory serves, so this is pre-Internet, even! I like it, and by now I know what works and what doesn't. The drivers are pretty punctual, and friendly enough. For staples and grocery basics the variety and availability are good. I'm not super fussy about produce, quality is good enough for me, but I know a lot of folks hate the idea of someone else picking out their lettuce or whatnot. They have a decent selection of international and organic items. I do shop elsewhere for special occasions, though, or when I'm in the mood to see what's out there.

            I've got 2 young 'uns and a lot on my plate <g>, so it's a real time saver. I tend to set my menus for the week just before I place my order (usually the night before), and I can be done in 15 minutes or so. Prices are a bit steep, but they run specials and do accept coupons. Now if I could only convince them to stock my favorite Chipotle Tabasco and recyle my plastic bags, I'd be set for life!

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              I also plan out what we will eat for the week prior to ordering. But with Fresh Direct, you can make changes until late in the even prior to the order being delivered, so I'm always adding and changing the order.

              They don't carry everything that I want, but for those things I will just stop at the store during my lunch hour or on the weekend.

              With Fresh Direct, though, the prices are usually better than the supermarkets here in NYC. Don't know why this sticks in my mind, but a Hebrew National salami is $4.99 from Fresh Direct and $5.99 in my local neighborhood supermarket (Associated). They don't accept coupons, but I was never good at using them anyway.

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                how much would you suggest for a tip? We live outside Chicago in older, three story walk up (we're on the top). Do you tip by the item total? By the stairs? Or is it a deivery charge?

                1. re: stellamystar

                  I used which doesn't allow tipping. The guy was great and hinted that it would be nice if I called his boss and put in a good word for him. You bet I did! Made sure the praise was for the delivery man personally - not just the service in general.

                  1. re: stellamystar

                    There is a delivery charge for Fresh Direct -- $4.95. I tip them $1 per box, which usually comes out to about $3 or $4. If the weather is really bad, I throw in an extra $1 or $2.