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Apr 4, 2007 02:15 PM

Looking for recommendations in Lillooet and Lytton

Trying to find some information about dining out options in Lillooet & Lytton.
Has anyone tried the Jade Restaurant in Lytton recently?
And where is the "German Bakery" in Lillooet?

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  1. Last fall I asked about places beyond Whistler, and later wrote a review from my loop through the area.

    We spent four nights in the Lillooet area, camping at the nearby free BCHydro campground. We stopped at the bakery several times. It is right on the main street, practically across the street from the visitor's center. It is hard to miss. Just look for the rental RVs driven by German tourists.

    There's an ok Greek restaurant in town as well. Best grocery shopping was at the north end of town.

    We stopped in Lytton, but did not eat there. It's much smaller.

    Ashcroft had more options. Based on recommendations on this list we stopped at a vegetarian place (I don't recall the name), but they were preparing to cater some event, and instead recommended a cafe nearby that was having its opening night. That was a good meal. There are more details in those earlier threads.


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      The Veg restaraunt is "the Secret Garden"