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Apr 4, 2007 02:08 PM

More Praise for MILK (with photos!)

Thanks to all the MILK fans who have been touting their frozen delights. I only wish I'd had more company so I could share different things.

I got the banana butterscotch ice cream bar. WOW! This raises ice cream bars to a whole other level.

THE ICE CREAM: fresh, creamy, but somehow light. I don't mean like low-fat, low-sugar light. I mean fluffy and creamy light, with an intense banana flavor. The aftertaste it left was like I'd eaten a frozen banana, but it was much easier to bite since MILK keeps their treats in a freezer that's not too cold so the goods aren't rock solid.

THE BUTTERSCOTCH: thin, crispy, and buttery with crispy pieces of almonds. There was none of that breaking off in giant shards that you get from lesser ice cream bars, which I appreciated as I ate while driving.

THE PRICES: $3 for a big ice cream bar. Not bad! It's no $1.50 Costco bar, but it's far superior. And considering how many bars out there are almost $3 (Haagen Daaz, Dove, Ben & Jerry's), this is very worth it.

Other treats include $5 sundaes and $2.50 ice cream cookie sandwiches. There are also little truffle-sized chocolate covered ice cream balls (bon bons!) for those going easy on the sugar.

The cakes are $4.50 a slice and looked great, but the blue velvet was a little too intensely blue for me to want to try.

All in all, a real find for this dairy lover! Finally, a full fat, down home, reasonably priced dessert shop in LA. Too bad they close at 10.


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  1. I love that place! Milk is great. Their 25-cent bonbons are the best deal in town!

    I like their ice cream sandwiches for $3 the best, but I really wish they would let me make my own. Hint to the owner, if he/she is reading this!

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    1. re: FoodieMcFood

      I had a toffee ice cream sandwich that totally sucked. The cookie was all chewy in a pasty disgusting way and the ice cream was too hard. They pulled it pre-made out of a case. I took a bite and threw it out.

      1. re: duckduckgoose

        Hmm that's disappointing. I bought lunch there along with the ice cream sandwich, and ate the lunch first, so the ice cream sandwich had softened up by then.

        Not really an excuse though... leads to my conclusion that it should be made *fresh* hint, hint!

        1. re: duckduckgoose

          Oh no! I'm so glad I went with my first instinct.

          I thought about the banana butterscotch bar, changed my mind and actually ordered the toffee sandwich, then changed my mind again before the pushed the buttons on the register.

          My ice cream actually wasn't hard at all, which was one thing that really impressed me. Maybe I got lucky, maybe you got unlucky!

      2. Okay Pei - Susina and Milk in one day means that you'll be doing some serious treadmill time plus fasting for about a week... Would it be practical to get items to go and stash it in an ice chest w/ dry ice?

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          Fasting is against my religion--I would die the first day. I'm trying to get in all my ridiculous sugar consumption while I'm I tell myself.

          I did run 2 easy miles today, powered by all that sugar.

          Yes, an ice chest would be a great idea.