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Toronto: grocery stores open this Friday?

Does anyone know of any full-service grocery stores that will be open this Friday?

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  1. the chinese ones are your best bet. Biggest being T&T.

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      T&T is never open for stat holidays.

    2. Usually the IGA in the subdivision across from Fairview Mall is open... but I haven't checked for their usual signs yet.

      1. Usually the IGA on the Danforth (near Pape) is open holidays. You may want to call to be sure.

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            Pusateri's is not open. Friday (Easter) is one of the four days per year Pusateri's is closed. Along with Christmas, Thanksgiving and Canada Day.

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              I had thought that as well. But I happened to be by there yesterday and the sign in the store said that they were open on Good Friday and closed on Easter Sunday.

          2. IGA in the Beach is also usually open and sometimes the ValuMart further East on Queen is as well.

            1. Bruno's will be open for certain.

              1. Whole Foods is open all four days (Good Friday, the weekend, and Easter Monday).

                Does anyone know if Fiesta Farms and their garden centre, on Christie, will be open?

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                  I highly doubt it. They were not open last year on Good Friday. The garden centre is not really rolling yet. A few potted flowers and the ubiquitous pansies.

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                    Why, do you need salt for your driveway and sidewalk?

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                      I know, ha ha, break my heart. This weather sucks.

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                      Oh awesome, thanks Spigot--Whole Foods (or should I say "Whole Paycheque") definitely fits the bill (no pun intended).

                      I just called and their message says they are open April 6, from 10am-6pm.

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                        FF was closed Friday and today (Sunday) - I suspect they'll be open tomorrow.

                        Garden Centre was open Saturday - but just getting stocked.

                      2. the great canadian super store on dufferin at steeles is likely open.

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                          The Food Depot at Dupont and Davenport is ALWAYS open (day & night)

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                            Superstore's Holiday Hours are 9-5pm on Friday and Sunday...just saw it on their website.

                          2. Galati in the Pickle Barrel Plaza is open on Friday.

                            1. Wondering if anyone knows if Fresh and Wild at the Distillery District is open today, Good Friday?

                              Distillery District
                              55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

                              1. Sorry - this doesn't really answer your questions delamothe but...

                                T&T's Warden location is open today according to their website. All other locations are closed.

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                                  thx lyndak! i was hoping that T&T Cherry Beach was open, but surprisingly it wasn't

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                                    Generally T&T closes for all stat holidays. I'm surprised warden is open, possibly because its just outside of Toronto?

                                2. Summerhill Market is open every day except Christmas Day

                                  Summerhill Market
                                  446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                                    To my surprise, Christmas Day as well - at least this past year, for a half-day.

                                  2. Fresh & Wild @ Spadina and King is open until 5 or 6 PM.

                                    1. The I.G.A. (Foodland) on Parkway Forest Drive is open all day Friday. Terrific sales if you go between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. Saturday (see their flyer).