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Apr 4, 2007 01:37 PM

Delivery in Silver Spring

I've just moved to Silver Spring from DC and would love some feedback on local delivery places. I'm pretty familiar with the usual dine in places, this is more along the lines of pizza for the friends helping me paint or Thai before I have my kitchen set up. I'm not far from Fenton & Wayne. Any cuisine in the under ten bucks a person range would be great!

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  1. Here are some delivery suggestions to keep it in the $10/pp range:
    Hollywood East Cafe (Chinese)
    Irene's Pupusas
    Mamma Lucia
    Woodside Deli

    I'm not sure what your particular "usual" dine in places are. But if you're not far from Fenton & Wayne, why are you concentrating on *delivery* of cheap, casual food when you can pick up from any number of cheap, casual places within a block or two? Notably:

    Kabob platters from Moby Dick.
    The Thai restaurant (forgot the name, I think it's up the steps from the fountain).
    Assorted noodle bowls from Noodles & Co.
    Pizza and calzones from ZPizza.
    A bag of assorted tacos and burritos from Baja Fresh.

    1. If you go to and put in your zip code you'll find the list of places they deliver from. There is an additional charge, but a lot of choices.

      Armand's Pizza on Seminary Road delivers. Also, the Chinese place on Georgia, the name of which I can't remember right now - in the block just south of Wayne. It's not that great but sometimes you just need something delivered, you know?

      If you're willing to go pick up takeout, I think Lebanese Taverna is a nice option for a group - you can get mezze platters with all sorts of different things. For Thai I would recommend Thai Derm on Bonifant rather than the Thai place upstairs in the downtown development which is, predictably, much more expensive and definitely not better.