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Apr 4, 2007 01:14 PM

Website for restaurants in New Jersey?

So when I lived in the city, citysearch and menu pages were my best friends. Now I'm in jersey, and I don't know the state at all, and I can't find restaurants outside of hoboken. Are there websites like city search for NJ that are reliable? Reviews are always subjective I know, but I want to be able to sort by different categories and price, and find areas near other areas... thanks!

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  1. Try or

        1. This is not exactly what you're looking for but it might prove helpful. Check out The Artful Diner at

          You will find numerous restaurant reviews on this site but I don't think there's an easy way to search and sort. There are also lots of links so you may find other sites that will get you started on your search for chowish places in the Garden State!

          One other thing - you will probably find more New Jersey information on the Mid-Atlantic board where there is a very active group of posters, most of whom seem to live in central Jersey. The Tristate Region board covers the northern part of the state while the Mid-Atlantic board covers the central and southern parts.

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            The Artful Diner is a great resource. He has his own site that is more manageable at:

            Also, for dining in Monmouth Co. there's:

          2. As ambrose mentioned, there's a very active and informed group of Central NJ Hounds on the Mid-Atlantic board. It appears that you're living in Hoboken, but even so, it's worth checking that board, especially if you're a Hound who is willing to travel for a great meal. That said....

            Here's a site that's specifically geared to provide the websites of restaurants in Monmouth County and the Jersey Shore area. Obviously, that means it's not comprehensive since, unfortunately, there are excellent restaurants in the area that do not have websites. But, it's a good start:

            State-wide, there's D.J. Ardmore's site. Unlike Menupages, restaurants pay to be listed on Ardmore so, again, it's not anywhere near being exhaustive, but it is another arrow in the proverbial quiver of restaurant info.